Bulletproof your vacation with the F470 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft

              If you’re looking for a great day on the lake or if your just trying to have some fun. You should definitely check out our new Zodiac Marine & Pool F470 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft or better known as F470 CRRC.  You want power. This thing packs power, the F470 is able to pack a 55 horse power engine that will take you anywhere. That’s over 30,000 ft/lbs of torque shooting out the back of this thing. You want to have a great time at the lake with your family. With the F470 you get that chance. This thing is built to protect you and it’s built to survive.

                Let me tell you a little bit more about the F470 and where it comes from. Well maybe if you watch TV or maybe you’ve just heard of them. This boat was built for a special job. This boat was built for special people. This boat was built to accomplish very dangerous black ops missions that are tasked to our very own Navy SEALS special forces. They need the equipment that gets the job done.  The F470 length is 4.7 m or 15’5” the width on this boat is 1.9 m or 6’3” and the total passenger load that it can take is up to 10 people and the maximum amount of passengers that can be permitted are 10 people. This boat can hold a maximum of 2750 lbs. Normally this boat is geared with a very heavy duty machine gun to deal with the big heavy duty problems our Navy SEALs got to face.

                If you don’t think that’s enough you can also check out the special Duratane “skin” that is stitched to the bottom of the F470 this super strong tear resistant material prevents the F470 from ever tearing. If you hit a rock or scratch the bottom you’ll never have to worry. In addition to having a tear resistant underbelly the F470 can be inflated completely with just 2 minutes of SCUBA tank air. You can also benefit from the F470 hull design feature that prevents the boat from ever capsizing. There is a Vee shaped hull that is divided into 8 sections and 5 of which are connected together. This hull prevents the individuals from ever having to deal with a flipped over boat.

                Now you’re probably wondering so what,...the F470 is a military boat how does that help me? We guess what the only reason I’m tell you about this boat is because anyone with the need for some epic gear can buy it. Sometimes there is such thing as overkill but in this case when you’re out at sea or many miles out in the ocean then you’ll need the F470. The most common purchasers of the F470 are law enforcement,   search and rescue teams and even the average hobbyist. If you want strength, if you want power and if you want survivability all you need to do is grab the F470 and you’ll never have to look back.