Bullying is a dangerous act of aggression which can have adverse affects on children unless dealt with properly. It is important to understand what bullying is and then to find solutions for how to prevent it from happening. There are many different ways to figure out solutions to bullying, and one includes bullying poems.

Not only can a child who is bullied let out his or her feelings through a poem, bullying poems can help a child cope with this issue. Poems about bullying have become very popular amongst anti-bullying groups, helping children and parents alike understand that being vocal about bullying can help reach more solutions to this problem. 

Bullying Poems- Boy Being Bullied


Bullying poems help create awareness about the problem of bullying. When children are vocal about the trouble they may be experiencing, poems are one of the most effective and creative ways to talk about their problems. Through poems, people could encourage kids who may be victims of bullying to share their experiences through creative expression. Awareness about bullying can only help eliminate and fight the problem, and through creativity, children can get more involved. 


Through poetry about bullying, people share experiences.  When someone is bullied, they can feel lonely and isolated. When sharing poetry in an open forum, other kids feel like they have support through other’s experiences. It is encouraging to read poetry from someone who has gone through bullying and is willing to share. After reading about someone else’s experience, bullying poems can help a victim of bullying push through his or her own insecurities about the issue and can effectively push them to share their own experiences. 

The Reach

If a child is being bullied and does not feel comfortable to talk to anyone about it, reading anti-bullying poems on the internet can help him or her cope with their own feelings about bullying. And in today’s world, posting bullying poems on the internet can reach millions of children around the world who may be facing the same problems but in different locations. 

Specific Topics

There are some poems that relate the experiences that people may go through every time they are bullied, and then there are other poems that can relate the strength and courage bullying gives a person. The greatest thing about expressing these different experiences is that another child somewhere will definitely relate and benefit from it.