Sometimes The Hurt Comes From The Home

Bullying doesn't just occur at school. It happens any and every where and, it even happens at home. Everyday some children are faced with the challenges of being at home. It's sad when the place you are supposed to feel safest isn't safe at all.

The Reality

Some people don't have to face bullying until they go home and, a lot of the time the bullying not only comes from siblings but even some parents, too.  Bullying at home can hurt just as bad as anywhere else and sometimes worse. Many problems can result from children being bullied at home. Children whom are bullied at home are more likely to become a bully to other children, get involved with troublesome activities, and become violent. What happens in the home is mainly what effects us for the rest of our lives and, bullying at home can have a negative effect on the future.

When the Bullying Stops and Becomes Abuse

Any type of bullying to go to the extent of becoming abuse. Abuse is a more extreme form of bullying that sometimes has to be dealt with carefully. When does it become abuse? If you or someone is constantly being tormented on a regular basis to the point where you feel threatened. There are several forms of abuse including: physical, sexual,and emotional and verbal abuse. Verbal abuse is overlooked so much. It hurts just as much and sometimes even worse. Abuse can lead to negative activities in a person's life: suicide, mutilation, drugs, alcohol, and, etc. There many other positive ways that abuse can be dealt with. It may not be easy to talk about but it's okay to get help.

Getting Help

If you or someone is being abused or bullied you need to tell someone. Abuse and bullying are against the law and, people involved in bullying can be put in prison. If you have trouble or feel uncomfortable talking about your situation, try talking to someone you can trust like a church member, pastor, friend, or family member. Remember that these people care about you and want to help you. Talk to your school guidance counselor or go see a therapist. There are hotlines you can call that have specialists and people who can help you with your problem. Whatever you do, know that you are doing the right thing. If you have a friend that is struggling any of these problems let them know that it's okay and that you are there if they need you. Be a supporter. Don't back down from what is right; take action and in time it will make a difference.