The bumbo baby sitter seat is one of the most loved baby seats on the market today. For any mother wishing to help transition her baby into being self-supporting and capable of sitting unassisted, the bumbo seat is a great intermediate step. The bumbo baby sitter seat is colorful, comfortable and just plain fun! Find out why so many mothers have given a strong two thumbs up and are turning to the modern styling and funtionality of a bumbo seat.


Features of the bumbo seat

The bumbo baby seat is both stylish and functional. It is a true marriage of style and comfort. Molded in one piece, the soft foam material is durable and easy to clean. It wipes off with just a damp cloth. The molded seat bottom cradles a baby's bottom and the leg slots keep baby in position. There are handles molded into the side and it is lightweight and easy to carry. The bumbo seat comes in a wide variety of colors like lilac, lime, orange, blue and pink and is easily matched to any decor. The bumbo seat also is available with an optional play or feeding tray. This increases the usefulness and the tray is easily taken off for cleaning. Go from play to feeding back to play in minutes. Another great feature of the bumbo is the cost. It is affordable at a retail price around $40. Because of the durability and ease in cleaning, these baby seats enjoy good resale value on the secondary market, too.


Why choose a bumbo seat?

Mothers cherish time with their babies, but they also have chores and responsibilities that must be taken care of daily. The hectic lifestyle sometimes makes it hard to move a baby from play pen to high chair and back again. The bumbo seat is a great way to keep the baby close at hand, but safely contained so there is no risk of injury. Besides giving a new mom the chance to keep a watchful eye on her child, this baby seat also gives the baby the chance to sit upright and observe the world from a new angle for longer periods of time. Stimulation is important for a growing baby's developing mind and this will also teach a child muscle control and begin to encourage proper posture. Best of all, feeding and play time can happen in the exact same area with just the addition of an inexpensive feeding tray.


Buying a bumbo baby sitter seat

Bumbo Baby SeatThese clever and useful seats are available at major baby shops like Toys R Us and are easily shipped straight to your house by ordering a bumbo seat from Amazon. They make wonderful presents for an expecting mother. They are a common site at baby showers and are always happily received. Compare a bumbo to other similar models and it is easy to see the difference.

A bumbo baby seat is a great way to watch your baby and help your baby develop trunk muscles, balance and proper posture. The seat should only be used by babies that have strong enough neck muscle and are fully capable of supporting their own heads. This is extremely important and this warning should never be ignored. The bumbo seat is not recommended for use on elevated surfaces like tabletops or countertops. They are also not recommended for the bathtub. A bumbo seat is a great baby seat, but like all other things in life they must be used responsibly. The testimonials from mothers that have used the bumbo seat is extremely positive. Read reviews online and speak with parents that use a bumbo and discover how this little chair has helped revolutionize parenting.