Character's Role: A sharp detective who knows the game and appreciates the police system. The Bunk is Jimmy McNulty's partner in the homicide unit, but he doesn't have Jimmy's same contempt for authority (or at least he doesn't act upon it). Throughout the series the Bunk does some of the best police work of almost any homicide detective in Baltimore's PD (save perhaps Lester Friedman).

Like his partner, Moreland also has indiscretions with women and trouble with alcoholism, but these appear minor when compared to the personal problems of his partner.

Bunk has a wife and 3 kids (who he amazingly pretends are the orphaned children of a murdered states witness when trying to force a written statement of guilt out of D'Angelo Barksdale).

Actor: Wendell Pierce, who is also starring in the new HBO show from David Simon called Treme.

Which Seasons: In The Wire Complete Series, seasons 1 - 5.

Best Scene: Bunk chatting with and scolding of Omar during season 3.

Bunk MorelandMy Favorite Quote: "Makes me sick, motherf*, how far we done fell." - This is the last part of a quote in which Bunk says that Omar and the entire drug game just disgust him. Omar claims that Toesha (one of his crew) was not a victim since she was in the game and knew the consequences; Bunk tells him that this is completely ridiculous and that there was once a time when every single body mattered.

Best Foil / Rival: James "Jimmy" McNulty. Bunk is the more moral Jimmy McNulty (emphasis on the 'more') and he is a Jimmy McNulty who recognizes the chain of command. Perhaps not quite as sharp as Jimmy, Bunk exhibits a determination (as shown by the DNA analysis that he pursues from season 4 into 5) which allows him to to arrest one of the worst killers in the show.

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