Bunny cages are safe havens given to miniature rabbits. They are gaining popularity nowadays, owing to the increasing number of rabbit owners. These pens are classified in two groups, which are indoor and outdoor bunny cages.

The term hutch is used to illustrate outdoor bunny cages and is a conventional lodging for a pet rabbit. Previously, the thought of having a rabbit at home was not that appreciated, so it was not always seen in any home. However, the idea has changed and Rex rabbits these days are often welcomed in most households.

Outdoor and Indoor Bunny Cages Features

Those who do not have a spacious area outside their home choose indoor bunny  hutches instead. And even if some pet owners own an outdoor space, they still prefer indoor rabbit cages for the obvious reason that they want to accommodate their pet rabbit inside the house.

Indoor and outdoor bunny cages have several differences. For one, indoor hutches are simpler as bunnies are accommodated inside the house, plus the coop is just a corresponding refuge. On the other hand, outdoor pens are constructed with the pet’s safety in mind.

Super Pet Rabbit Hutch, 2-Story, 48" Wide

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When we talk about the overall appearance of indoor and outdoor pens, you will find that there are lovely-looking and unattractive ones, but more often than not, outdoor hutches are plain and less aesthetically created than indoor pens.

The creators of outdoor coops are not to be blamed; they are built that way for practicality reasons. They are purely lodgings for bunnies, whereas indoor pens are placed inside the house and are part of the home furniture, so they should look very appealing.

As for the materials used to form these bunny cages, the indoor ones are usually made of metal, whereas the outdoor pens are normally made of wood. It depends on what you exactly want in a pen for your pet. Are you after the appearance or the place where it has to be put?

Super Pet Welcome Home Rabbit Hutch, Large, Green

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And if you will ask about the cost, indoor cages usually are more expensive than outdoor coops, although you will also come across an outdoor coop that is pricier than a regular indoor pen. Anyhow, you want also to take into consideration the safety and comfort of your pet.

For the most part, outdoor bunny cages are larger than the ones designed for indoor utilization. It is made in that manner because of space issues inside the house as obviously, there is only limited space indoors. But despite the limitations in space, they still need to be sufficiently big to accommodate the pets well and ensure that they are comfortable with it.

Another reason why indoor bunny cages are big is because they require a “playroom area”. Keep in mind that miniature rabbits and other bunnies do get stressed out if they do not play – an activity that is extremely essential to keep them lively at all times.

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