If you are looking to make a few extra bucks, or just trying to fill your schedule with a part-time job, then Burger King might be just the ticket. It is also a great place to look if you are student looking for a summer job. Whatever your needs, Burger King probably has an employment opportunity that can work for you, with more than 12,000 locations worldwide.

To start, visit the Burger King homepage at www.bk.com. At the bottom of the home page, you will want to click on the link that says company info. From there, you will see a link at the top labeled careers. This will take you to the Burger King Job Application homepage www.bkcareers.com. Once you've reached this page you will want to click on the bottom box labeled job search. From here, you can select either corporate or restaurant. If you are looking for a job at a Burger King restaurant, you will want follow the In-store restaurant. You will then have the ability to pick from available positions. If you are just starting out, pick team member. If you've had prior quick service restaurant experience you should look at other options like the shift coordinator or assistant manager.

Once you've selected the position, you will want to enter your location or preferred location. You will then be able to select from a number of location in your desired area and will then begin to fill out the application itself. The application is what you might expect. You will be asked to provide personal information as well information about your background and education. You will also be asked to register your application with the Burger King's employment system which will include coming up with a username and password. Once completed, be sure that you take the time to review your application in detail and make sure you haven' t left any items blank and that all of the information entered is correct. If there is a mistake or a blank, there is a strong possibility that your application will automatically be rejected, so double checking your work is vitally important.

After you have submitted your application you will be notified if there is an opening that you meet the requirements for. Typically, a manager will call you for any interview to take the next step in your application process. Completing a Burger King Job Application doesn't have to be time consuming or a chore, especially when you complete it online. Get started now. Happy Job Hunting!