Did you know that Burger King menu prices vary greatly by area? In fact, they can vary tremendously even when restaurants are with a few minutes of each other? Why is this? Are there any items that have the exact same price in every location? What dictates how much the customer pays? These are some really great questions that have some surprising answers. Let's take a quick look at how Burger King menu prices are determined, what items have standard pricing, and how you can find out what each food item costs in your area, since they can actually vary quite greatly.

What causes the variance?

There are tons of factors that go into dertermining how much customers pay. While this list is not exhaustive, it is pretty comprehensive. Since there are so many factors that dictate the cost of the food items, we'll focus on some of the more relevant factors that impact the amount you pay. Let's focus on the top three things that will cause the variances.

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Franchises: There are restaurants in this franchise that are owned and operated by the corporate office, and there are many that are privately owned and operated. If the store is privately owned and operated, they have a little more flexibility on Burger King menu prices. This can make a huge difference in how much you have to pay for the sandwich you eat, since each owner operator can set their own Burger King menu prices. This really impacts the cost associated with the food items. Some will charge more, and some will charge less. It's really up to the owners.

Location: Some areas, like those with high tourist populations, can support higher Burger King menu prices. It's a common thing used to increase profit margin in any area. This is okay, since virtually everything in tourist locations is more expensive. Take a look at any gift shop in a tourist town, along with the cost of gas and convenience items, and you will see exactly what I mean. Burger King menu prices are no exception to this rule. If the business can make more money by charging a higher rate, that's what they do. It's a common business practice that happens in fast food, and virtually all other areas of business.

Shipping: You must realize that shipping plays a huge role in Burger King menu prices. Fast food restaurants run on a very slim profit margin. If the cost of shipping is extremely high, perhaps due to fuel costs, or being much farther away from the distribution centers, you can expect Burger King menu prices to reflect an increase. This is common with many businesses.

National and local ads:

There are some pricing strategies that are consistent everywhere, assuming you don't hold the word "everywhere" to it's true meaning. Essentially, there are some items that simply will not be the same cost, no matter what you see on television. Take a look at the commercial, you'll see "at participating locations" or something very similar on every commercial. This means that Burger King menu prices will vary, even if a national promotion is run on any single item. By way of example, suppose a special is run for the Whopper sandwich. They advertise the heck out of it, and state it's only $1.49. Some locations, which are not participating may charge $1.79 or even the regular Burger King menu prices on the items in the ads.

Still, there's a good chance if you see a television advertisement, it's at least good in the local area, which will include most restaurants. When you look at Burger King menu prices, the commercials will be accurate in 99% of the locations.

Dollar items:

You will find Burger King menu prices that are fairly consistent in the dollar value section. This means that each restaurant has items that are value priced at one dollar. Did you know the items on the dollar value section can actually vary? Since the cost doesn't shift, the items on the list will. This means some places may have a Jr. Whopper for a buck, and other places may only have a regular hamburger. When you look at Burger King menu prices, the dollar section will remain consistent in terms of cost, but not food items.

Although there will be some variance on Burger King menu prices, or more to the point, the items offered for a buck, it's still a good bet that most of the items are roughly the same. Many will have an order of French fries on the dollar section. Most will have at least one sandwich. Some may have only a value section, where the cost isn't always a buck. Still, when you look at Burger King menu prices, you'll get a good idea from the dollar or value section at each fast food restaurant.

Find the Burger King menu prices in your area:

To find the Burger King menu prices in your area, you will have a few options, each requiring a different amount of work on your end. To find the amount you will pay for each food item, you can use any of the following methods.

Online: Many privately owned stores will have their own websites, and list their private Burger King menu prices on the site. You can visit the corporate site, but you'll notice the little "prices and participation may vary" clause right away. This means you will not necessarily be getting accurate Burger King menu prices when you use the corporate site.

By phone: Simply call your local restaurant to see what the Burger King menu prices are for specific items. You'll find that you can get answers for just about anything when you simply call and ask.

Ask for a list to take home: Many more restaurants are offering a full list, including the costs to take with you. These are cheap for the company to make, since it's usually nothing more than a piece of computer paper, folded in half to form a mini Burger King menu. The prices will typically be listed right on the paper.