Everyone wants to look good for the beach, right? Sitting back with a nice drink and a toned six pack would feel pretty good, but how can you get rid of the excess pounds in time? I'm going to tell you how and the great thing is, it's not that difficult!

There are 2 angles areas that you need to cover in losing fat quickly - nutrition and exercise. I didn't use the word 'diet' here because people usually associate that with eating hardly anything and restricting your meals to bland, tasteless dishes. That doesn't have to be the case.

Burn Fat With Exercise

Ok, this isn't exactly a ground breaking tip but it is possibly the most important and definitely one which will get you where you want to be a lot quicker than just adjusting your diet on it's own. If you apply a simple, well rounded weights program coupled with some cardio, you WILL burn fat. We all know that lifting weights will build muscle and burn calories but what many people don;t know is that it will raise your metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER you have finished working out. That means you can be sitting at home watching TV and still bruning off the pounds. The more you exercise and keep your metabolism up, the more you will burn fat while not exercising. Doing this just 3 times a week can have massive benefits.

Why not just stick to a diet?

Because, when you go on a diet you cut calories. Part of the weight that you will lose is going to be from muscle mass. After a period of time your body will get used to your diet and start to store up body fat again. The lower muscle mass you have means less calories will be burned by your body to fuel your muscles. The end result will be that, after some success to begin with, a diet alone will become inneffective and you will get frustrated by this. It is well known that most diets end in failure and that is because people don't combine them with exercise. You aren't going to get beach-ready without a little sweat and work as well. Eat plenty of lean protein and reduce carbs while cutting out sugar and junk - thats all you need to do nutritition wise. You can also allow yourself a cheat meal once a week as a reward. This is very important to keep you on track psychologically.

Workouting Out = Increased Muscle = More Calories Burned

Lets say you are doing a weights program 3 days a week. Over a short period of time your muscle mass is going to increase. Your weight might even stay the same or go up because muscle weighs more than fat. The upside is, your body will use more calories maintaining all this new muscle and the increase in muscle will also give you that toned look you see in the magazines. Adding just 1 pound of muscle will increase your calorie burn by 45 calories a day. As you get stronger you will be able to train harder, lift more weight and build more muscle - it's a fantastic cycle and the harder the work, the more results you will see.

What kind of workout do I need to do?

The most effective workout method to use is High Intensity Interval Training or something similar. Don;t be alarmed by the terminology, it just means working out at a fast pace and then having as short a rest as possible. Here's an example: you will burn more fat doing 10 x 30 second sprints than you would running on a treadmill for an hour, perfect for the busy lifestyle many people have today. This is possible because you are pushing your body out of it's comfort zone and keeping the metabolism up for a long period afterwards, like I mentioned above. An even better training technique is one where you can combine weights and high intensity cardio.

As a final word, if you just get started with some kind of workout program, watch what you eat and maybe apply the info from the Kettlebell Revolution package, you WILL see results, just like I have.