Target The Body Fat

No ab workout will get your "belly fat" stripped down faster than mixed cardio drills or weight training. I've mentioned before in my previous articles that mixed cardio workouts really boosts your metabolism and will burn fat for days.

Your body will be shocked from the unexpected drills it will face compared to a regular jog without any variations. Sure the 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate rule will burn fat, but will it turn your metabolism higher than ever before for a longer period of time?

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That's why I recommend high intensity workouts. I obviously don't expect any beginner new to this kind of training to step right into the programs that requires an athlete that's experienced and in an advanced level to do the exercises.

Just like how a baby takes little attempts to start walking like a professional walking baby. It takes time and your body should build up to the intensity, step by step.

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Give It All You Got!

As I've stated before, high intensity workouts are quite difficult and it triggers your body to start adapting quickly. In simple words, it starts getting stronger and more efficient at maintaining such high intensity.

Jogging for a set time is good, but your body will adapt quickly and it won't respond as much as if you changed the intensity of the workout. A benefit in return is that you burn more fat better and longer.

As the intensity increases you are going to be putting your muscles in a anabolic enviroment (building muscles) where they are either going to be maintained or grow and become stronger.


When your intensity and work output is high, your time in the gym decreases. These workouts are demanding mentally and physically, they need focus and discipline. They require less time, but a lot more work and energy.


Your about to find out why I and many trainers would recommend these over ab crunches and such exercises.

Think about it, if your going to put yourself in a position where you are performing crunches and bicycles, are you just focused on the solely ab muscles or the whole body?

Make The Work Output High

These crunches are great if you already lost the body fat, but are you turning on your metabolism with these exercises? Crunches need a lot less energy than something like a jog.

If I put a "overweight" person who has a little belly in a program where his or her goal is to get a lower fat percent with the 6 pack, the last thing I want to tell that person is if they do ab workouts, they are going to get the 6 pack.

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There's no one in the world without abs, everyone human has it but it's not displayed because of the body fat that's surrounding it.

Core exercises where your body requires itself to keep up its balance and stability is more realistically and likely going to boost the metabolism and need a lot of its energy to do these types of exercises.


It comes down to this, if you really want to get abs and get it in time for the "beach season" then you need to lower your body fat.

How and how long would it take? It depends on your lifestyle, if you really changed your diet and habits to decrease chances of ruining your progress like not drinking until you pass out on the weekends and your eating proper breakfast (with protein, low glycemic carbs and fruits) with small meals throughout the day then you really just have to find the right program with you.

You can still do ab workouts but you need to include factors like how high is the intensity of the workout and how can you really put in as much work as possible in the shortest amount of time. Weight training will help you increase muscle mass which will help you keep your metabolism burning higher, and cardio will as well.

Remember to watch your progress and see if you are improving every workout. This gives your body less of a chance to not adapt to your workouts, or your progress may stall.

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It's never ever about the quantity of your exercises, it's about the quality. You will need to work hard but smart.


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