The park was not very crowded which made it easy to navigate with short wait times in line for attractions.

Beautifully kept grounds, no litter, plenty of shade with benches to rest scattered throughout.

A variety of attractions for all ages.(Even our youngest who is 6 was able to get on some of the "big kid" rides with the rest of the family)

Combo tickets for Busch Gardens and Water Country USA were a reasonable cost at $79.95 per person to visit both parks.

Restaurants offered a good variety of food.

Shuttles run to and from your parking section to minimize the walk.


Food items and snacks and drinks were a bit pricey.

They do not allow you to bring your own food into the park.

Parking Fees were high $12.00 for general parking and $18.00 for preferred which got you a little bit closer to the entrance.

Family dryers will warm you up but don't count on them to thoroughly dry your clothes (see explanation below.)

Full Review

Our family of 6 set off on a road trip recently and had our sights set on Williamsburg VA as one of our stopping points. Williamsburg's rich history and many restaurants, shops and hotels attract visitors year round. It was my husband and myself (both 40somethings), our 15 year old daughter, 13 year old son, 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son. We spent one day at Water Country USA and had a blast cooling off in the many water slides and pools. The second day we hit Busch Gardens and had an incredible day of fun and great food and entertainment. I can honestly say, this was the most enjoyable time we've spent at a theme park ever. The weather was partly cloudy so no worries of getting too sunburned as we meandered through the meticulously kept grounds. My husband, who is an avid landscaper thoroughly enjoyed the designs and combinations of flowers, trees and shrubs that were on display at every turn. We did have an hour or so of rain pouring down, which we used wisely to refuel ourselves with a wonderful meal in the Festhaus. The kids needed a break from the roller coasters and other brain scrambling rides. While dining we watched a very entertaining German inspired musical show with singers, dancers and musicians. The kids loved the music and performers and desserts and the adults loved the German food and beer! Afterall, Busch Gardens is owned by the Anheuser Busch folks so we knew we'd be treating ourselves to a nice cold one at some point that day!

In Closing

I'd have to say that Busch Gardens was a huge hit for all members of our family. Although, I would like to caution you about one particular ride. If you intend on riding the Roman Rapids be prepared to get completely soaked, right down to your unmentionables. And the "Family Dryer" that will blow hot air on you for $5 will not save you the embarrassment and discomfort of wet, sticky, see through clothing clinging to your body for all the park to see. Since I was wearing a very lightweight pair of khaki colored shorts I felt it necessary to purchase a dry pair of shorts at the clothing kiosk that was strategically placed at the exit of Roman Rapids. It was either that or possibly be ejected from the park for indecent exposure! I felt like I was a contestant in a wet shorts contest (ironically my t-shirt was not as wet and you couldn't see through it-go figure!) Anyway, whenever I wear that $30 pair of overpriced bermuda shorts I'll be reminded of our wonderful day at Busch Gardens.