Buses in the future may be equipped with facial recognition systems,so passengers don't have to pay their bus fare with coins,bus cards,or other financial media. A facial recognition system has two basic parts,it has a camera,and a computer,with a data base stored in the computer. The system installed in a bus would have a data base filled with photographs of registered bus passengers. To register,you would simply go to your local bus station,and fill out an application. The application would ask for certain information,such as your name,and your bank account number. They would also take a picture of you,and they will add this picture to their data base of registered passengers.

After you are registered,you may ride any of the buses in your city,simply by showing your face. When you get on a bus,you must look at a camera,that is installed next to the bus driver. The bus driver does not need to look at you,or speak with you. When you look into the camera,the camera obtains a picture of your face,and the computer in the bus analyzes your facial image,comparing it to the facial images of registered passengers stored in it's data base. In a few seconds your identity is verified. When your identity is verified,the computer plays a recording that is heard through a loudspeaker. The recording is a recording of a voice that says,"Your face is recognized". That means you can sit down,and enjoy the ride. After your face is recognized,the computer in the bus automatically deducts the amount of the bus fare from your bank account. The system can be used for buses,but it can also be adapted to subway trains and other types of mass transit systems.

It's also possible to add new services with a bus system that uses facial recognition. An outdoor information station may have a facial recognition system built into it,and the system may provide information on bus schedules to registered passengers. For example,you could walk up to an outdoor terminal,and look into it. When you look into the terminal,the camera in the terminal obtains a picture of your face. When the computer in the terminal identifies your face,the computer plays a recording over a loudspeaker,it's a recording of a voice that says,"Your face is recognized. How may we assist you?" You reply by asking a question. You can say,"I want to know how to get to the Gratiot Avenue bus from here". The computer has a speech recognition system that analyzes your voice,so that the computer can dertermine what you said. After your request for information is processed by the comptuer,the computer synthesizes an answer to your question. It plays a synthesized voice through a loudspeaker,the voice says,"You must get on the 760,and travel east to Gratiot Avenue. Then,get off the 760 when you reach Gratiot Avenue. The next 760 arrives at 4:00 PM,the next bus after that arrives at 4:30 PM. It is now 3:45 PM,you have 15 minutes before the bus arrives". " Obtaining help with a system like this may be commonplace in the future.