Three Popular Models from Bushnell

From the nearly $1000 Elite 6500 Tactical to the $50 Bushnell rimfire, Bushnell makes a wide variety of rifle scopes for the outdoorsman.  Bushnell has something for everyone whether they shoot a handgun, muzzleloader, rimfire, shotgun, or centerfire rifle. While the Bushnell lineup is far too large to cover in one article, I have selected some of the most popular Bushnell scope series to explore in this article.

Bushnell Trophy XLT
The Bushnell Trophy XLT series of rifle scope is larger than some company’s entire scope line.  You might have seen the commercials for this series if you watch any of the hunting channels. You know the one where they go in the insanely nice trophy room and the guys buddy grabs the new Bushnell Trophy and makes a break for it.  Anyway, the Trophy XLT series is designed to be an affordable line of hunting scopes; there are even models available for the handgunner and shotgun hunter in this line. Some of the highlights of the Trophy XLT series are: 91% light transmission, available DOA reticles, and Butler Creek scope covers. The 91% light transmission is quite good for a scope series in the budget price range, and allows for better visibility in low light situations. The Bushnell DOA (Dead on Accurate) reticles not only have hold over marks out to 600 yards on centerfire models, but they also have brackets that aid in judging distance for either whitetail or mule deer. This is done by measuring the deer’s ears in the reticle’s bracket if the deer’s ears fit the bracket on say the 200 yard holdover line, then that is roughly the distance to the deer.

Bushnell Elite 6500
The Bushnell Elite 6500 series of scopes have several interesting features which are generally only found on high end scopes.  These scopes have push/pull turrets for windage and elevation adjustment, which mean that unlike traditional scopes you don’t have to unscrew protective caps to make adjustments.  The Elite 6500 scopes also are made with a 30mm tube, which is favored by many European scope makers for both increased strength and field of view.  Higher power scopes in this series are also equipped with a side focus parallax adjustment knob, which is preferred by most high end optics makers as a better method of adjusting parallax than the adjustable objective.  However, what really set the 6500 scope series apart is its incredibly large magnification range with models available in the following powers: 1.25-8x, 2.5-16x, and 4.5-30x. Obviously scopes with this kind of magnification range are extremely versatile and can be used in an assortment of different hunting and shooting situations.

.22 Rimfire Series
Probably the smallest scope series in the Busnell line, the .22 Rimfire series is only available in three options: a 3-9x32mm with matte finish, a 3-9x32mm with silver finish, and a 4x32mm with matte finish.  While not featuring some of the new or more advanced features mentioned in the previous two series in this article, there is a significant demand for quality rimfire scopes.  More specifically there is a lot of demand for 3-9x32 scopes for rimfires; Bushnell’s .22 Rimfire fits the bill nicely and does so for around $50.

These are just a few of the many scopes available from Bushnell. Bushnell also makes binoculars, spotting scopes, and rangefinders for the outdoorsman; so the next time you find yourself shopping for hunting glass be sure and check out the Bushnell family of optics.