Running a business without a constant and reliable internet connection is almost unthinkable in this modern internet-driven economy. Like residential customers, business customers have a lot of choice when it comes to finding the right broadband provider. Many of the main providers out there now provide specialist packages aimed at business users. This might be for large or small enterprise levels or even the home worker who freelances on a smaller scale. But whatever the size of the business, there are some particular considerations a business might have to take into account that people looking for a home broadband package may not have to consider. Here we run through some of the main considerations for the business user trying to decide on the most suitable broadband package.

Broadband Speed

Business productivity is as important in the office environment as it is on the factory floor. Lets say for example that your download speed is at 1 Mbps and the office worker takes 1 minute to download a particular document or perhaps load a particular website – this is one minute of time that the worker is sitting waiting before they can continue with the task. In theory then, if your broadband speed runs at 6 Mbps,  our worker will only need to wait 10 seconds for that document to download or that website to load, meaning that unproductive waiting time has been cut by 50 seconds. Multiply that by the times that a particular worker is doing this per day or perhaps by a larger number of workers and it is easy to see how important broadband speed becomes.

Static IP Address

The IP address of the network for your business is very important. A static IP address is one that doesn’t change. This is very important if your systems are set up to give workers out on the road access into the company network from a different geographic location. If the IP address were constantly changing this could not happen without reconfiguring the network every time the IP address changed.

Technical Support and Backup

A business broadband package should contain an element of priority technical support and backup. If the network goes down then in most cases this immediately starts to become not just inconvenient, but also has financial implications in terms of lost business and therefore lost revenue. When choosing a business broadband package, it is important that the right level of time-critical technical support  is available.

Network and Data Security

For any business, the security of data is very important and this aspect of a business broadband package should be enhanced over and above that offered in a residential package. This is not just particularly important, but in cases where sensitive personal electronic data is stored, it is a legal requirement. This is usually covered in the level of intrusion protection, anti-virus, spam prevention firewalling and secure backup and storage that is included  within the package on offer.


Of course, running a business is all about securing a profit and it goes without saying that once all other considerations have been accounted for, doing a cost comparison between broadband packages makes sound business sense.

These are the main considerations that any astute business manager will be looking at when deciding on the best broadband package for their business.