Comparing Business With Home Broadband

Small to moderate sized business owners often do not consider the option of a business broadband package. It is often the case that these individuals will continue with the home broadband deals offered by different service providers. However, a business broadband package offer provides numerous additional benefits above that of the home connection packages regardless of download speeds or monthly costs. It is important to remember that before you enter into any contract you must conduct a business versus home broadband comparison to determine which the correct deal is for you.

What is the point of a business broadband comparison?

When running a small home business you may not consider the business implications of using your personal home broadband connections. Home broadband connectivity has been tailored to suit the average home user and their general usage. It has been seen that this general data usage is lower than that of a business, small or large. A business broadband option will offer a range of advantages which allow you to take your business to that next level.

There are many considerations to make when conducting a comparison of the different service providers who offer business broadband packages. One of these important aspects is whether or not you can receive the connection in your area of operation. It is possible, particularly with fibre optic packages, that the business package may not be accessible in your area. If you feel you would like to continue with your home package then you will need to consider the deal's data allowance and speeds as these will affect your services.

Using my home connection

While many small businesses are run from home, there are those which are not. If you do not have a home business but require connection to your work computer it is not necessary to change your home broadband package. Nowadays one has the option of registering with a remote access client who will allow you to access your work computer remotely. These clients offer particular software to complete this task allowing you to access all data from any location.

Using a static IP address

Contrary to popular belief, there are major differences between home and business broadband packages as well as prices. One of these differences is the inclusion of a static IP address within a business broadband package. Even though static IP addresses can be assigned to home broadband packages, the majority of these deals are linked to dynamic IP addresses. When an individual is using a dynamic IP they will be provided with a new IP number each time they log onto the internet. This is done in order to limit the amount of IP addresses required and reduce the work a service provider must complete.

The static IP address is common to every business broadband package. The static IP is a single address given to the primary computer or laptop in the business and does not change when one logs onto the internet. It is set to a single device and will remain set until one stops making payments on it. It should be noted that certain business packages can offer more than one static IP address upon purchase.

Using a personal FTP server

Anyone who has ever sent a large file to a freelancer or client will agree that email is not a suitable means. If it were not for the .zip file feature we would be sending email upon email of documents as all clients have a limit on the attachment size. This is done as an additional internet security measure and there is very little one can do about it. Separating the files into multiple smaller units is often not an option, which will lead on to FTP servers. The FTP or file transfer protocol server allows an individual to send bigger files over a secure network. However, while many of these services are paid for, both you and your client will need to register an account.

Once you have purchased a business broadband option you will be able to bypass the option of a third-party FTP server. By owning a static IP address one will have the option of hosting a personal FTP server which ensures both convenience and greater internet security in comparison to third-party alternatives. This also leads to a higher degree of professionalism and a greater reputation among colleagues.

Looking at websites and professional email addresses

Business broadband service providers understand that to be viewed as a reputable business one will require professional websites and email addresses. To assist with this aspect of the marketplace, broadband business providers will offer multiple email addresses and web space with their packages. This is a feature you will not receive with home broadband. If you wish to maintain home broadband whilst running a business you will need to purchase the email and website features as additional expenses.

The multiple email addresses that UK providers offer will usually come with the domain extension, unless otherwise advised. The offered web space will generally be enough to host your own unique website. Many business broadband packages will provide a domain name relating to your business in addition to the aforementioned features.

Looking at fast download speeds

It should be noted that the upload and download speeds one will experience with a business package are far superior to that of the home connections. Fibre optics plays a large role in these higher quality speeds as fibre optics do offer a much faster connection in comparison to ADSL business packages. However, there are other factors to consider as well.

Traffic is an important factor to note when looking at connection speeds. Service providers will state that only the unlimited broadband packages are not subject to traffic management and if you do not have an unlimited package you will experience slower speeds at peak hours. Contrary to home connections, business connections are given priority during peak times and thus will be placed before home users. This traffic will affect all overall speeds regardless of the type of contract you are using.

The upload speed is another important factor to look at. Once again, business packages have greater speeds, therefore faster uploads. Business packages usually present with up to 2.5Mb per second upload speeds which is an average of double that of the home user.

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