Business Call Management Solutions
Credit: Public Domain

Low cost call recording

If your company is looking for cheap call recording solutions, then one way of achieving this is to set up an intelligent inbound number which customers can call. Once they ring this special number, which can be provided by a professional telecoms company, inbound calls can then be recorded. Depending on the set up, it may also be possible for all of the data to be stored securely in the cloud.

The benefit of this means that businesses can keep track of all incoming calls being made and obtain easy access to the files should they ever need to get hold of a specific recorded call. Setup is normally pretty easy for this type of service, but again this obviously depends on which company you use and the exact details of the set up process.

Monitoring outbound calls

Besides the above service, it is also possible to record outgoing calls being made from your office. In some instances, not only will you need to record and keep reference of what a customer calling your company has said, you may also need to monitor what your colleagues are saying on outbound calls too. For example, if you are looking for [call recording for small call centres], then this method would be ideal.

In either case, if any disputes arise in the future between the company and any clients, then at least you will have proof of what has been said in conversation. If any such issue is taken to the courts, this evidence could prove invaluable in protecting your business against any damages. 

Inbound numbers

Inbound numbers can give the impression that a company works on a national level as opposed to being specifically tied to one local area. For example, if you arrange to have a non-geographic telephone number, such as 0845 or 0844, then customers won’t know where you are based. This can be provided as the main number for your business and can also be used for the purpose of inbound call recording too.

If you are looking to monitor calls, or set up inbound or outbound low cost calling solutions for your business, then this can be achieved through the services mentioned above.