To gain competitive advantage over million of other businesses out there you must, among other things, make a good first impression.  It does make a difference and it pays. How you present yourself to the potential customer can make or break a deal.  To place yourself at the top - start with a business card (assuming you have done the planning and the research of course)

Business card is the greatest way to leave a good impression. It is important to spent the time to design a perfect business card that represents you or the company well and which reflects the image of the brand or of the organization that it represents.

How many times have you carefully looked at a business card that someone gave to you? How many times you held it in your hands, felt the raised print, looked at a beautiful logo that says so much without words? It happened at least ones.

I collect and keep all the business cards nicely stacked together in an alphabetical order.  It is separated bythe  industry too. Yes, networking has to be taken seriously. You don't have to do the same, unless of course, the idea appeals to you.  

I would like to share with you some information about the companies that can help you to get the desired feel and look of your card. When it comes to printing, the amount of companies that are ready to serve you exceeds all expectations, it is easy to get lost and to spent unnecessary time on finding that perfect service.  My goal is to help you in your search, today I will concentrate on three of the printing companies.

Vista Print is a large public company. By now there is probably no one out there who have not heard about it. It would be surprising to come across such person. Everyone I meet has heard about Vista Print. Their choice of products is very broad. From postcard marketing to websites, from logo design to email marketing, this company is able to take care of needs of many thousands customers.

Overnight Prints is another successful printing company that offers quality print products. It now served over a million customers. Its main strength is the turnaround speed, its name "overnight"  tells us about it. Quality of paper at this location is very good. They print anything from bookmarks, brochures, mini business cards to posters, car door magnets and calendars These are just some of the products they offer along with business cards.

For those interested in the future of our planet and for those concerned with environmental issues Greeenerprinter is an option. A colleague recently recommended them and I was quite happy with the results. always seeks ways to use renewable energy. They promote Eco-friendly printing, the company offers recycled papers and they invest in to wind and solar energy sources by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Check out the companies I mentioned! Choose the one that  suits you your needs and preferences best. Create a business card that makes you look your best!

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