With only a few months left before the snow flakes and Christmas carols take over the world, the time has come for you to plan some business Christmas gifts. After all, a serious business person like you cannot afford to lose the battle with the competitors, and it is well known what impact a Christmas without giving any business Christmas gifts can have on someone's public image.
Deciding about business Christmas gifts in advance will save you a lot of trouble when the Holidays season arrives.
But what exactly could a business person offer the business associates, in order to satisfy everybody and also, in order not to abuse the budget too seriously?
To answer that question you should first think of who are you doing business with? Sending out the same presents to all your business partners might even be a risk to some bad reputation and your popularity could shrink irreversibly.
It is important to have a good knowledge about your partners and what their hobbies and preferences are. While some could be easily satisfied with a nicely arranged basket containing of wine and cheese, others might feel offended if offered alcohol, due to their religious beliefs or other 'non-drinking' reasons.
Know your target audience before making a list of business Christmas gifts. Think of their social positions and their relationship status. Married business people will love presents dedicated to couples, while the single ones might get a sour taste in their mouths.
If you decide you can't afford the time or the money to prepare personalized Christmas presents for your business associates, here's a list of some general items everyone will appreciate:

Card holders. Whether you're thinking of pocket business card holders or credit card holders, card holders will always come in handy to a real businessman or businesswoman. Do a little research online or in your area and find the best offers to satisfy your needs. Card holders don't necessarily have to be very expensive. What is important is that they have to be practical and resistant in time to make a good impression on your business partners.

Postcards. Christmas postcards haven't gone extinct and a business person should keep that in mind! They come in a variety of sizes, colors and forms and quite often there is a default Christmas greeting on them, as well. All you have to do is to sign it and put it in the mailbox. But if you really want to leave a good impression, then you should consider buying blank postcards, so you can write in your own thoughts. Your addressees will highly appreciate the effort.

Christmas E-cards. The virtual world is not a playfield for children anymore nowadays. Serious business persons acknowledged this fact and harvest the benefits of the online communication possibilities at its best. Thousands of companies and websites out there offer predesigned virtual Christmas cards which you can e-mail to your business contacts. All you have to do is write your own name at the bottom of the card and write the destination e-mail address. Furthermore, there are websites which give you the possibility to create your own Christmas e-cards from scratch: you pick the illustration theme, and the message which can be even an audio version of a Christmas carol, and of course, write the e-mail address of where you want them delivered. With only a few mouse clicks you can grant yourself your business contacts' appreciation.

Christmas is just around the corner and for any professional business person who intends to have a lasting and successful career, the business Christmas presents list should always be kept in mind. Make sure you constantly are updating and upgrading your list of business Christmas gifts.