I've already written an article of business email dos and now it's time for the don'ts.


  • Write when you are emotional. When we are in a certain mood (angry for example) we sometimes say things that we may regret later on. If you are angry at someone DO NOT write an email. If you do save it as a draft but do not send it off.
  • Forward chain letters, stories, pictures or any other junk mail. It may seem ok between friends but in the business world it's definitely not. This is known as Spam. Many websites and email accounts have a zero-tolerance of Spam.
  • Think you will get an immediate response. Email can be delayed often. The intended recipient may not check their email on a regular basis. If you need an urgent response, use the telephone.
  • Don't use slang terms such as 'OMG' or 'LOL' or 'WTF.'
  • Unless the recipient is someone who you know quite well don't use emotions either. Yeah, sure they look cute and in your mind the recipient will love them. In reality though you may seem a little childish and amateurish.

If you receive emails or a reply back ensure you give a swift reply. It is frustrating when you send an email and do not get a reply back. Be polite just as you would in real life.