Email is an effective method of communication that has risen in popularity. Nearly everyone has an email address. Emails are used for both personal and business reasons. Here are a few email do's when sending a business email.


  • -Start with a traditional 'hello' or a 'hi'. It's much better if you also add in the name of the recipient too.
  • Include a subject. Business people receive hundreds of emails, the one's with a subject usually are the first to be read. Make sure the subject matches the content of your email though.
  • Avoid using CAPITAL LETTERS! It makes you look lazy and is not very business like.
  • Use proper English and ensure your spelling and grammar is correct.

Just because email isn't a face-to-face conversation it doesn't mean we can be completely lazy. If you want the recipient to have a good image of you then you will need to put in a little effort.