You have an existing business and wish to take things to the next level by franchising your business. It can definitely be a good and profitable idea that could really boost your bottom line. Thing is, you have no clue how to franchise your business. It is vital you know the ins and outs of the process: franchising fees, benefits of franchising, but also its drawbacks and potential pitfalls, etc. Franchising is a great tool to boost market presence and profits but it may not be for all businesses, to see if franchising is right for your business you'll have to ask the right questions about your business.

The first requirement is to have a successful business. Do you have a successful business? Are your operating expenses under control? What about your profits? Think about it, nobody will want to invest in a franchise that doesn't look appealing. The point for many franchisee is to reduce the risk of starting a business by investing in a franchise with a solid, market proven business model that will more or less guarantee profits for them. If your business has solid fundamentals and is profitable you can continue investigating further.

Successful franchise development relies on a number of criteria that, taken together, will prove very attractive to a potential franchisee. You need to ask yourself, does your business have a good reputation in your community? Do people speak highly of your products and your customer service? You need to have a credible business that is respected. You also need a strategic advantage. If your business is just like any other business with no added value than your business franchising dreams will likely not come to pass. Your strategic advantage can express itself in various fields: products, services, cost of investment, etc. Where is your added value?

Your business has to be easily replicable. This is the whole point of business franchising. If the success of your business relies on your business management skills than franchising won't work. The business needs to be able to run pretty much on auto pilot if an average person is at the helm. If this is not the case, you need to streamline processes and operations to take yourself out of the equation. Common sense here but your product or service also has to be in demand. Product or services that people buy on a recurring basis work well with franchising. In addition, your products and services should not be too localized. They have to work well in a small town or a big city, on the East cost or the West coast.

Another important aspect in business franchising and something potential buyers will look closely at is ROI, return on investment. People buying franchises must know what earning potentials there are if they buy your franchise. If your business fairs well against all these criterias then you can develop a franchise plan. How to write a franchise plan is out of the scope of this article but you can consult franchise consultants and franchise attorneys to help you with the various steps involved in franchising your business and make things all kosher and legal.