As a person who is interested in Internet Businesses I take a lot of joy at reading. I like to read a lot of different books but my favorites are business related books. I love biographies and autobiographies of famous business people. I prefer tech related people but my favorite book ever on Business was the one by Ray Kroc about how he started the McDonalds franchise chain. Here are some of the great things I learned when I read the book Grinding It Out: The Making Of McDonald's.

Grinding It Out: The Making Of McDonald's
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Door to Door Sales

Ray Kroc was selling paper cups door to door. What a crappy job and a lot of people would not even think about doing it but the cool thing is that he did do it. Because he took the crappy sales job it worked up to him eventually buying the rights to McDonalds and becoming rich. Sometimes crappy jobs will help us to fulfill our destiny in life.

Excellence can Happen By Accident

When the McDonalds Brothers set-up a storage system for their potatoes it accidently created a great tasting fry. Later as Ray Kroc went to open up his First McDonalds he could not get the fries to taster right. He eventually figured out that it was the potatoes were stored. Ray Kroc duplicated the system and we came to have the great tasting French fries made by McDonalds. The great tasting fries were done by accident but Ray Kroc recognized the power of the French fry and did everything he could to duplicate it. Excellence can happen by accident. Seize the moment and capitalize on it.

French Fries Can Taste Great

When Ray Kroc first began to set-up the McDonalds franchises most burger places sold crappy fires. At the time most food places viewed French fries like they were simply a cheap product that was used as a filler to help get your belly feeling full faster. Ray Kroc and the McDonalds brothers recognized that a great tasting French fry. The French fry from McDonalds was great tasting and it helped McDonalds to become popular quickly. Other fast food places had to increase their quality to get their business back from McDonalds. Just because a product is seemingly generic there is no reason you cannot improve upon it. Look at shoes. For years we as people wore leather shoes with little to no cushioning. We now have Nike Air shoes that are very cushioned. The basic product of a shoe was greatly improved and you can use the same strategy in your business regardless of what your product is.

Age is Not a Reason

Ray Kroc did not become interested in buying the rights to McDonalds and spreading them nationwide and eventually Worldwide until he was 52. Most people would be counting down the last 10 years of their life until retirement but not Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc seen an opportunity and grabbed it by the balls and worked hard.

Build off of Somebody Else’s Success

Many people believe the Ray Kroc invented and started McDonalds. This is wrong. McDonalds was started by the McDonalds brothers. Ray Kroc seen the potential of their restaurant and ended up buying the rights to it. He was not trying to reinvent the wheel. He seen a great opportunity and he knew the owners were not working to build the restaurant to the fullest potential so Ray Kroc stepped in and began to negotiate with the McDonalds brothers for the rights. In your work you also do not need to reinvent the wheel. If you see a great opportunity and it is not being worked to the fullest potential then maybe you can negotiate and get your own rights and then expand the business.

Ray Kroc helps to show that it does not matter if you like to eat at McDonald’s restaurants or not because you can learn a lot about business in this great autobiographical business book.

McDonald's: Behind The Arches
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Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire
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There are countless books on and about McDonalds. While many of these books are interesting to read, the original book by Ray Kroc called “Grinding it Out” is by far the most fascinating. The book is very old now but the same business principles and work ethic can be applied to our Modern World.

The future of McDonalds will vary drastically from where it is today, but it will continue to be a World recognized brand. If you want to experience even a minute amount of success that was experienced by the McDonalds Company then you need to begin by working hard and having a clear strategy to apply to your life. It also helps to have some luck. The Golden Arches had a lot of luck happen over the years.

One of the major keys to life is to be happy in life. Ray Kroc was overall a happy man in many of his endeavors, but just like us he was also probe to angry and even violent outbursts at times. Ray Kroc had many character flaws but he is also one of the greatest people to follow when you need a motivational business book to read. The amount fo inspiration that can be found int he pages of his autobiography is truly astounding.