Business Calculators pave the way for a new foundation to make business analysis easy. It is an exciting way to make your insipid calculations and job easier. Remember the times when your conclusions sounded so prosaic that they were nodded off by your colleagues. Nowadays new mathematical models are being used to make those huge calculations easy. In these calculators, you just have to enter the data in respective fields and press the command button. You get the result at a simple click. Think! How nebbish would you look while doing all these manually? These can be in various software forms or can be designed in a new scientific manner.

Business Loan Calculators can be of various types: simple interest calculator, NPV calculators, calculating interest rate of return, SWOT analysis models, calculating regressions in prices, or standard deviations in data. These calculators make decision making easier while simplifying many managerial activities. It helps a manager to abate those encumbrances encountered while preparing data statistics.

NPV calculator: A NPV (Net present Value) calculator determines the value of your project through projected cash flows. In this calculator, you enter the yearly inflows and outflows of cash while determining the interest rate at the same time. Also, it helps you check out the data specifications like whether you can leave a field null or void or is zero needed to be entered. Generally data software errors or human errors like GIGO may aggravate the problems further.

SI calculator: A Simple Interest Calculator is basic software where you have to enter the required fields: the principal, the rate of interest and the monthly/yearly rate of interest and you get the payment amount at a simple click.

IRR calculator: The internal rate of return calculator is the one which determines the profitability of your investments. This capital budgeting technique helps us in determining the effective rate of interest for saving and loan accounts. In this computerized calculator you have to enter the yearly cash flows. The projected results can be more than one. Rational decisions need to be taken while taking other variables into account.

Regression calculators: These calculators predict the future of the linear variables like determining the earnings in labor market. Regression analysis helps us in examining the relationships between variables. This can be done by projecting the data values using graphs, generally the line graphs. You can analyze the relationship between CRR and PLR. The data values must be entered in such a way that the parameters of the slope and the intercepts can be correctly determined for correct prognosis.

Decision Matrix: The decision matrix helps you help you take appropriate decisions while you enter the decision making process. In this system you rank multidimensional options as per the alternative set. This method helps you compare various alternatives. It can be used in safety risk management. The negative factors are low in numbers while positive factors such as safety are in higher numbers. You compare and rank two factors as per their relativity eg. Technological difficulty is 2 in comparison to market opportunity which is 4. This means that the technological difficulty is two times more than the market opportunity available.

Nowadays more innovations are being made to develop good mathematical models for good data analysis. There are some assumptions and conditions required to make a particular technique work. These calculators have simplified the investment forecasts.