A lot of people wonder how to make money online. Actually, according to Google, almost 75 000 people look for the exact words "how to make money online?" every month. 

What they fail to realize is that the core principle of making money is to have the right mindset, whether it is online or offline and it would as legitimate to ask: "how to make money offline".

So let me illustrate the business mind with a very simple example: how do you deal with a question?

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The Question

So, let us imagine the following scenario: a friend of yours is coming to you and told you he/she has a question and did not find the answer on the internet. What do you do?

No Time for It

Level 0: you are a businessman, no time for it.

Not only this is rude and wrong, but on a business level, this is a catastrophee. Thinking you are too busy to be interested by people around you will make you miss golden opportunities.

Chances are that most people are more like your friend than you (the businessman) and understanding the need of most people is necessary to success. 

You Answer It

Level 1: you answer it and that's it. 

Great for you and great for your friend. But on a business point of view, what does this bring you? Nothing. Well, I am not saying you can make money out of everything, but sometimes you should look for something more.

You Write an Article About It

Level 2: you write an article or a blog post about it.

If your friend tells you he/she did not find the answer on the internet, it tells you 2 things. First, that this question is important enough to be looked up on the internet. Your friend is probably not the only one to look it up on the internet.

The second and even more important thing is that it means that you could easily write the best article on the internet about it. As you have so little competition that your friend did not find it.

By placing ads on articles, you can make money. By promoting products in your articles, you can make money. By getting people follow you on Twitter from your articles, you can increase the number of followers you have on Twitter and again, this means money.


About Twitter

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You Let Others Answer It

Part 1: Referrals

Level 2.5: referrals

Sometimes, the secret of the business man is to delegate or even get some value from others. Facebook is the perfect example. Mark Zuckerberg does not need to do much. The ones working and making the site profitable is its users. They are working without knowing it and without even asking remunration for it.

How to do it? Remember how I told you that you could make money by writing articles online? Well, if I had stopped there, added my referral link, and invited you to join this site, I may have been able to make some money.

How do referral links work? Basically article websites like InfoBarrel are constantly looking new writers and give people a little incentive to invite others to join. If you join under my referral here, I will make 2% of what you are making. You make the same amount of money so there is nothing wrong for you to do it.

Human Brain Thinking MoneyCredit: digitalart

Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You Let Others Answer It

Part 2: Forums

Level 3: Forums

This is where interesting things start.

If your friend ask you a question about this topic, maybe it is a topic people want to discuss about. What about creating your own forum about it. You would let experts in that field answer difficult questions and you would just have to deal about monetization and users management.

If the forum is very successful, you could even start giving power to users of this forum (moderators, embassadors, etc...). Some would do it voluntarily, so after a while you would not have to do anything and will keep getting revenue from ads, user subscriptions, etc...

Some More Inspiration

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You Let Others Answer It

Part 3: Behind the Scene

Level 4: Behind the Scene

What do I mean by this? Well, this is again where you have to understand what people need.

You want to make money, right? Well, instead of thinking "how do I make money?", you could then start "What do people want to make money need? What services/tools can I provide to them?".

You would be surprised by the number of articles about how to write articles and people making money by telling people how to make money.

Some kind of a meta-world.

In this question situation, how would that apply? I told you could make money by writing articles about it, but you could go one further up and create a website that lets people post those articles.

People would post articles on your website and you would share somehow the revenue (maybe  even 100% for you and 0% for the users). What kind of website could you create for it?

A blog hosting website (like blogger.com), a revenue sharing website (like this one), a questions-answers website (like Yahoo Answers), etc...

Going meta one more step further, you could try creating tools (or paying people to do it) that people would need/use to create this kind of websites. And creating tools for those who create tools, etc...


I am not asking you to do all of this but this was an illustration of the business mind on something as simple as just getting a question from a friend.

If this is not something for you, don't worry, simply know that the real key to making money, either offline or online, is to have the right mindset.