As we go into the new year a lot of people are looking for growth areas that will really take off and create great business opportunities. One of the leading areas that we absolutely must change is our energy use and consumption. We have enjoyed a century of cheap energy and that has allowed the US to waste it like there was no tomorrow. Well, it is tomorrow now and we must begin to look at other methods than just carbon based fuels if we want to get a handle on the political system in the world and the environmental system.

Whether or not you believe that climate change is real, we are going to see many alternative forms of energy pushed as ways to allow us to continue our life styles. Solar industry business opportunities are going to be big when it comes to changing us from a carbon based society to one of alternative and renewable energy sources.

There are many different forms of solar energy use that can be addressed. The majority of the stories are for big projects that will generate megawatt values of energy; enough to power entire cities. But I think the real value is going to be in small systems that can be used to heat or electrify individual businesses and homes.

What has stopped the solar energy segment of the energy market from really taking off is the cost and the up front investment. With traditional energy prices every year, in fact heating oil has almost been priced completely out of the home heating market because it has got so expensive and the old oil burning furnaces are so inefficient, the time is ripe to look at new ways to heat our houses. One of the most widely used method in other parts of the country is solar water heaters on the roof. In Israel, the majority of home hot water is produced this way.

The problem in the US is so much of the country lives in the dark above the 45th parallel. This makes these systems less useful in the north country but they can still help to offset the heating bill during the summer. Systems such as these will go a long way toward giving us energy independence and also allowing us to stop funding terrorists in the Middle East oil countries. The time is ripe for home based solar energy businesses to take off. I suggest you do research and find the systems you like and then find a way to make those systems affordable for home owners.