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People who know Apple must know about Steve Jobs. The brain behind Apple's technological breakthroughs and products is none other than one of the world's most successful and famous businessman, Steve Jobs. He founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of Apple Computers, one of Fortune Magazine's top five hundred companies in the world today.

The company Apple Computers Incorporation was founded in the 1970s. Since then Apple has invented many iconic like the Mac Book, iPad, iPhone and the iPod which have revolutionized the IT world, as well as the entertainment industry.

History and Background

It was February 24, 1955 when Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco. His biological parents were not ready to raise and support a child, so he was adopted by a family in California. Steve Jobs went to Homestead High School, and it was when he was working on one of his projects, he wrote to the Hewlett-Packard Company to secure some of the parts he needed on his project. Later on, he got hired as a summer intern. Hewlett-Packard Company would one day turn out to be the first business partner of Steve Jobs.

In his earlier years, Steve Jobs served as the technician for the circuit boards for the Atari game. It was later in the year 1976 when he first found an investor, and he started to establish the Apple Computers Incorporation.

Later in year 1984, he launched the first Apple computer. The machine he invented had the potential to revolutionize the PC industry with the innovative features and applications it had to offer.

Even after years of development and the introduction of the Mac book, the journey towards technological innovation never ended. Under the vision and leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple introduced into the market such as revolutionary and iconic electronic gadgets like the iPod, iPhone and the most-recent iPad. These innovations literally changed people's lives as these electronic gadgets have become fully integrated and a major part of people's everyday lives.

It was around 2009 that Steve Jobs got ill and needed to undergo a liver transplant. This was a great shock for the Apple lovers worldwide but Steve Jobs would recover and came back in full strength and launched the iPhone 4s.

There are many awards and honors that Steve Jobs has earned due to his hard work and creative vision. He was considered among the most influential and successful person by Fortune Magazine in the year 2007. He also earned the Medal of the National Technology in the year 1985. In 1987, he won the Samuel S. Beard Award.

Some of the traits of the personality of Steve Jobs which made him the most powerful people in the world are persistence; trust in success and in him. He did not allow any of his bitter experiences in life and in his work to derail his dreams. He learned the lessons and moved on to achieve continued success through the years. He strongly believed that the key to leadership is innovation and that the only thing that is consistent in this world is change, so he keeps on introducing new technology to keep his customer base engaged and give them something to look forward to.

Steve Jobs was a highly accomplished individual who has definitely left his mark on the world. His life story serves as an inspiration. Well, it should because a visionary like Steve Jobs is very rare. When we consider the various challenges, we face in this world today, it is apparent that we will be needing people with the same visionary zeal and ability like Steve Jobs to lead us into the future.