Keyword research

is the cornerstone of Internet Marketing and a successful website. Before you begin your site design, and preferably before you even buy a domain name, get good Internet marketing tools and do your keyword research. This alone will make a huge difference in the ultimate success or failure of your site. Here's an example;

Fred is a whiz at using his computer to restoring old photographs, and has been doing this on the side to make some extra cash. One very satisfied customer mentioned that he should have a website. This made a lot of sense to Fred, so he looked a local web design company. He Internet Marketing Toolslooked at their portfolio and he like what he saw and the price was right. So Fred forks over $300 for a site that shows some "before and after" examples, and gives his email and phone number. Two weeks later, Fred get a very beautiful site and he's happy. Six months later he still has not seen one sale from his site and decides this Internet stuff is just for the big players.

Now let's take a look at Bob, he also does photo restoration and one of his customer's works for an Atlanta web design company that specializes in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. He tells Bob that he could increase his business, and should give him a call. Bob calls them and begins to tell them how he would like his site to look, what pages he wants etc. Being Professional Internet Marketing experts, tell they would be glad to create the site to all his specifications, but that they should take a step back and invest a thorough keyword analysis on his market first, before beginning on his site. They assure him that this is well worth the extra cost. Bob agrees, and one week later gets a report that tells him the following

1. The keyword " Photo restoration" get 8,000 searches a day, which is great, but the top 5 competitors are very strong and it is unlikely a brand new site like Bob's will even get to the first page without a considerable investment of time and resources.

2. The following Keywords "Digital Restoration Services", "Damages Photo Restoration","Faded Photo Restoration","Photo restoration and retouching" and "Repair Old Photographs" all get between 2,000 to 8,200 searches per day and have relatively weak competitors.

Notice that they said weak competitor and not "few" competitors. Seasoned Internet marketers understand that the only competition you need to concern yourself with are the top ten, because that's how many listing appear on the first page of Google. There may be 5 million competing sites, but if the competition is weak you can still dominate the competition.

The SEO folks explain to Bob what this all means and he likes what he hears. He thinks it makes sense to have a carefully developed list of keywords around which to build site his site. Now Bob reaches into his pocketbook again and agrees to pay for a website and an SEO and Marketing Campaign.

Two weeks later Bob gets a very professional, but simple straightforward website. The site does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but is deliberately built around the keyword set he received earlier. He's pleased, but hopes all this money and trouble will be worth it.

After one week Bob get's his first sale. After six months he is getting an average of 20 new clients each month and is making a fairly good amount of money from his "hobby". He made back his investment after three months, and decides to reinvest a portion of his profits into broadening his SEO campaign. One year later Bob hires two full time assistants, quits his job and takes a well deserved vacation.

This is a simplified example of Internet Marketing and does not include all the details of a comprehensive SEO campaign, but it does illustrate the importance of keyword research in the development of a business website.