Small and medium businesses are often forced to make the most of limited resources. Ordinary but necessary tasks, such as answering the phone, sometimes take a back seat to other priorities. However, modern telecommunications technology enables innovative new solutions to the problem of phone staffing. Outsourced call centers provide a consistent and professional service that can help any business keep a high profile and excellent marks for customer service.

A small business answering service allows a small operation to present the best possible face to the world. Property management is one of a multitude of private enterprises that sometimes struggle to maintain profitability. A single receptionist, for instance, may be unable to handle a large volume of incoming emails, texts and phone calls. That’s where a telephone answering service can really save the day. By relieving the burden of making that initial phone contact, a receptionist or property manager can spend more of his or her time dealing with tenants and applicants on a face-to-face basis.

With the surging population of baby boomers, the need for professional healthcare services is on the rise. Smaller practices are often finding themselves overwhelmed with demand and strapped for time. The secretarial aspect of healthcare is certainly important, but is nevertheless a drain on precious resources. Electronic medical records have relieved some of the workload, but there is still the matter of offering human, compassionate customer service to everyone who makes contact with the office. A healthcare answering service presents a viable solution to this problem. Professional operators, well versed in matters of HIPPA privacy laws, can handle appointment scheduling and reminder calls.  

For companies that do business around the world, an afterhours answering service may be a necessary investment. Clients who can’t reach a live operator may not bother with leaving a message. Similarly, companies that need to respond to emergency situations - HVAC is a good example - must be reachable on a 24/7 basis. An HVAC answering service can effectively screen calls, identifying true emergencies and taking appropriate action. Many businesses in this industry have limited funds for staffing an office, instead operating out of service vehicles and outsourcing the more administrative tasks. Phone answering services definitely fit within this business model.

The overall benefits of a live answering service are numerous. In terms of customer service, trained and professional operators know how to treat customer properly and resolve problems fairly. As part of a human resources team, answering services can assist in appointment scheduling, absentee reporting and training registration. Last but not least, an answering service is an affordable and dependable way to guarantee the smooth functioning of certain administrative tasks, freeing a company’s time and efforts to put toward other duties.