Breast Implants always had their share of health related controversies . But if the burgeoning implant market in India is anything to go by , people seem unfazed and undeterred by such teething controversies .

When Timmie Jean Liday , a mother of six was persuaded to enroll for breast augmentation trial in 1962 , she did not have any clue that she henceforth will be remembered as the woman with first breast implants.

On its 50th year anniversary , the device which is placed under breast tissue primarily to augment breast size , has become phenomenally successful globally with 1.5 million women  opting for it every year. However, despite its rip roaring success ,controversy is one thing that has always been on the coattails of this procedure. Allegations were made and fingers were pointed at the related health hazards that this procedure can potentially induce . After a brief interlude , this issue has again managed to hog the headlines. Reports have suggested that the French company PIP , one of the largest manufacturers , has illegally obtained low cost gels without any prior testing on humans.

The reports have set off widespread panic  as there is genuine fear that women with PIP implants may end up rupturing their body because of the low cost gel of questionable quality . Indian women , can however, breathe a sigh of relief as currently there are no dealers dealing with PIP products in the country . Currently all implant devices are being imported from US or the Far East . All the major hospitals in the country are opting for US imported products as the perception is that USFDA has a stricter quality check regime than its European counterparts .

The latest crisis is unlikely to spike the booming implant market in India . Implants , as per all major cosmetic surgeons, are turning into a mega market in India . Exposure to Western Media , rising aspirations coupled with an increase in disposable income have made implants extremely popular in this part of the world . A rising middle class which is being continuously exposed to celeb lifestyle ,coveted by the cosmetic  industry and unduly influenced by the marriage market , is not deterred to shell out a couple of lakhs of rupees to get a curvier body type.

A global survey by ISAP (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) has surprisingly found augmentation surgeries in India , seventh highest in the world. While on an average an implant in USA would cost around $1500 , in India the same procedure can cost you upto $2500.While predominantly implants are used to augment breast shape and size , women also use it for breast reconstruction that has been disfigured or lost to cancer . Saline implants are not generally preferred as silicone gives a more natural feel .

But there is also a section of experts who find this trend to be in fact derogatory to women . Women are aspiring for a particular body type which is deemed ideal by a patriarchal society. With giant strides being made in liberation and emancipation of women , such procedures are in fact a slur on the progress Women should appreciate themselves the way they are and not go gung ho on a particular body type just to please men. The real beauty is always innate, not just what meets the eyes.