Growing up Canadian and then living in the United States for awhile I noticed a great many Myths about Canada that were common among mostly Americans. I found it surprising and sometimes outright shocking the lack of knowledge and some of the strange ideas that some people had about Canada, especially considering that we are neighbour countries with the USA. So I thought that I would take the time to dispel some of these myths and false ideas about the great White North.

Canada has only one road – Although this may have been the case 200 years ago it definitely isn't now. The Hwy 401 in Southern Ontario is considered to be one of the busiest and widest freeways in the world.

Canadians say Eh? after every sentence. The long answer is yes, this is half true. Many Canadians say eh without even realizing it, but Canada has so many different cultures that have emigrated from around the world that many Canadians don't say eh. The short answer is, we say eh? about as much as Americans say huh?

Marijuana is Legal in Canada – No it is not currently legal to grow and cultivate Marijuana in Canada. You will be prosecuted and do time in prison if you have a grow operation, but the use of Marijuana is generally tolerated by the public it and little enforcement is applied to the user.

Canada is always cold – Canada has all four seasons and in the summer months can even get up to 40 degrees Celsius (or 105 degrees Fahrenheit). Some places like Vancouver rarely get snow and have a temperate climate even in the winter, as you might have seen if you watched the 2010 Olympics.

Canada trades in bearskins – I have never actually heard this one before but I have heard many Americans ask if we use a dollar or a pound. Canada uses Canadian Dollars. The more colourful monopoly-esque version of the US dollar

Canadians live in igloos – If you have read this far and you didn't know the answer to this then I am sure I don't need to explain it to you. Shame on you.

Canada is run by the Queen of England – This is not true. Although we have still have ties to England and are part of the Commonwealth, our government is run on a democratic system similar in nature to the US, and we have a Prime Minister instead of a President.

Hopefully this will clear up a few facts for non-Canadians who care to know.