This past month of writing has seen a lot of swings. My Adsense income has been very little on some days and then followed up with a huge day the next. I am earning money with InfoBarrel every single day and am happy with my results. I am still not earning at the level I want to be with InfoBarrel but that will come with time as I am able to add more articles.

I did very little work with InfoBarrel this month and I may not being doing much this month either. I am writing a lot for upfront payment from TextBroker and private clients as I work to save up money. Even though I added very little new content to InfoBarrel in October I was still able to earn over $115.00 with InfoBarrel.

Some days I had earned less than a $1.00 and other days I had earned over $7.00 and even a $10.00 day. If I have 5 times the amount of articles published on InfoBarrel that I have now then I could easily estimate my earnings to be about 5 times higher. A bad day would then have my InfoBarrel earnings at just under $5.00 and a good day would have my earnings at over $50.00. I would love to have a $50.00 day on InfoBarrel.

I ended up adding just enough new content to InfoBarrel to make sure that I qualify for the additional 10 percent in Adsense impressions. The extra bonus really helps out.

This month I will be pushing the most with TextBroker because I need to save up some money and pay my bills. I will also begin adding some more content to my National Bicycle Transportation Examiner writing position. Examiner once again cut the rates they pay to writers but I still find the gig very lucrative. My local Examiner position is still paying my but I want to concentrate on the National Examiner position. I have a method in place that easily allows me to earn at least $100 each month on Examiner with little to no work.

Many people hate writing for Examiner as they cannot turn a profit, but I find it easy to make money with the Examiner. Examiner also just added the ability to integrate you Google Analytics account into your Examiner titles. This new ability of being able to track my Examiner articles through Google Analytics has already proven to be priceless.

My income strategy this month will be to focus most of my time on upfront pay with TextBroker, spend some time adding some new articles to my National Examiner title, add a few InfoBarrel articles, and sell some of my niche blogs and domain names.

November I will focus almost all my attention on TextBroker. My income goals for my writing positions will be:

  • TextBroker- $900
  • Examiner- $$150.00
  • InfoBarrel- $110.00
  • Misc Adsense Earnings- $40.00

I expect to make at least $110 with InfoBarrel even if I add no new content. I am writing full time and I will push heavily with TextBroker in November to reach at least $900 in earnings with them. I may even earn even more with them but I have a set goal of at least $900 with TextBroker.

If I push hard enough then I can focus more of my time on InfoBarrel during December.

I also have around 20 domain names and niche websites that I will put up for auction. Many of the domain names will sell for less than $3.00 but a few of them should command closer to $40.00.

All in all I expect a very fruitful month for writing earnings. I am getting into a groove and when I am left alone I can create some massive income from TextBroker.

Since I quit the flea-bag motel to write full time I have ran into multiple problems and people screwing me over. I changed my strategy and am doing just fine with it. I no longer share all of my writing strategies with people I know because I seem to get screwed over. I simply do my thing and share a tiny bit of it, but not enough.

I have been contacted through FaceBook by an old acquaintance who wanted me to start showing them how to earn money writing online like I do. I told him to first go to BlogSpot and start a blog about any topic he wanted, and make at least 20 blog posts and then get back to me. He balked and spent the rest of the evening playing the stupid Mafia wars game on FaceBook.

A few days later he contacted me again and asked when we could start. I told him I have already started and if you want to make money writing online then start with the simple blog posts I told you about. He balked again and wanted me to meet up with him to show him how I make money.

People, it is a simple process and the first step is to write. If you cannot write a simple blog post about any topic you want then you will never be on track to make $5,000 per month writing. I am not earning $5,000 a month from writing but don't be surprised if I am within a year or two. I will show people how I do stuff but if they cannot or will not do the most basic of tasks then there is no hope for them.

Earning money online by writing is simple at the basic core of its' premise; you type words with your keyboard and the either sell it to someone or post in on a website such as InfoBarrel or a blog and then earn passive income off of it. The more you write the more you earn. If you choose not to do basic blog posts then you are choosing not to build up passive income by writing and blogging.

If my old buddy truly wants to earn money writing online then he needs to show some initiative. Many people sign up for InfoBarrel, confirm their email, and then post one or no articles. If you are not building up a large folio of articles on InfoBarrel then will not be able to earn money with InfoBarrel.