Everybody wants their wedding to be memorable and special, a cherished memory that will remain forever with them and those who accompanied them on the big day. If you are looking for that special thing that will make your wedding different, but aren't willing to spend lots of money on extravagant gimmicks, butterflies for weddings may be exactly what you need. Yes, you can buy live butterflies for sale and have them released as the perfect background for the climax of your wedding ceremony.

Butterflies for sale? How Does That Work?

The butterflies used for weddings and other special occasions aren’t just caught from the wild, they are raised in butterfly farms and kept alive and healthy in specially designed butterfly enclosures. If you want to organize a butterfly release for your wedding you’ll need to contact one of those firms beforehand, so they can prepare the butterflies and place them in smaller, individual containers or baskets.

Since it’s important that the butterflies can fly when released, extreme care is taken when catching them and placing on the temporary containers prior to a butterfly release. And of course, once you have released them they stay free. This means that butterflies for weddings can only be used during the warm months of the year and for outdoor weddings, as otherwise the butterflies wouldn’t be able to survive afterwards.

Buying Butterflies For Sale Ethically

Since butterflies for weddings are living things that will stay on the area where they are released, it’s important to make sure you release only butterflies that won’t affect other creatures on the ecosystem. Ethical butterfly farms make sure to only use species of butterflies that are compatible with the existing population in the area. They will also take a few weeks to prepare the butterflies for your wedding, so you will need to call in advance, and most farms are very strict on when they will allow their butterflies to be released.

The Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies are popular because their larvae don’t attack the flora of the area, and since they are migratory species they don’t have a long lasting effect on the environment. It is also best to source butterflies for weddings as locally as possible, so they don’t suffer in transit. This means you can drop by the butterfly breeding fields and see for yourself that they are reared in a suitably comfortable environment.