Small Butterfly Bush First Summer
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Punch Of Color

Butterfly bushes will bring a quick punch of color to your landscape. These quickly growing plants will soon reach 6-8 ft tall in 3 summers, unless you trim them back. The butterfly bushes come in several varieties and in single or multiple colors.

It is easy to start these plants from cuttings too. Regardless of the size of the plant you will be surrounded by many species of butterflies all summer and fall for sure.

Where to Get Your First Start

There are lots of options, again Lowe's, Home Depot, Your local greenhouse, your community Farmer's Market or ordering from Burpee, Direct Gardening are two online tree, rose and seed stores, a friend or neighbor, ask them for a cutting etc. too.


As you trim away part of this plant as it becomes too bushy or tall then save those cuttings for new plants to share. Cut the tip end off at an angle and dip the tip in honey, local to your region and stick it in most soil. It may take these a few weeks to establish a viable root system but it will work to generate more plants for your garden. Once these have strong roots move them to a larger pot and add Miracle Gro Soil and Plant Food from Lowe's. Resist trimming these until the next season. You will ned the leaves on the plant for the root system to thrive. They may not bloom the first year either, just be patient it's all worth the wait. And by this time next year, you will be able to share with your neighbors.


Rich or normal to clay works fine. As long as you have a good root system on your plant and follow the care directions below and you will have a healthy bush.


You will need sun, water and mulch around the roots to keep them from drying out. I was able to grow my 5 inch sapling to a 2 ft tree in just one summer with tender care. I also did trim it the first year I had it for it was a start of a mature plant and was blooming this summer. Wait until your plant blooms one season before cutting and starting more.


Butterfly bushess draw tons of beautiful, gracious butterflies. Many different species and dozens of butterflies at one time. This bush is a photographer's dream. These are easy to grow along a brick wall, a fence or clump them together like a hedge. The cost is minimal. $5-$10 a plant for sure. Great investment and you will triple your money back in 2 seasons with all your trimmings and new plants. The colors of the butterflies bushes are vibrant, like deep pinks and purples and whites for accent. Use the blooms in floral arrangements for almost any occasion you need festive, colorful flowers for these work especially well with wildflower arrangements.












Purple Haze(124716)
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Pink Butterfly Bush Bloom
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