Using a butterfly sandwich cutter is a unique way to create fun sandwiches that your kids are likely to eat.

If you have the chore of making sandwiches the night before school, and are running out of ideas when it comes to creating a fun lunch, then consider a sandwich cutter.  These are unique little tools that not only cut the crusts off the bread with minimal wastage, but also create a butterfly shape.

You can get these in other shapes as well, but the butterfly sandwich cutter, seems to create the least amount of waste.  If you have spent the time the night before or first thing in the morning, putting together sandwiches for the lunches, then you know just how disappointing it is to get them back half eaten.

Sometimes you have to entice your kids to eat at lunch time or any other time.  They are too excited, hanging with their friends, and don’t always find lunch that exciting, or they simply skip to the cookies!Butterfly Sandwich cutter

By putting a bit of fun in their lunches, you may just get them to eat that sandwich you worked so hard to make.  We all want our kids to eat well, and when creating a lunch to take to school it can be hard to create fun and yet nutritious lunches.

Evriholder Butterfly Bytes Sandwich Crust Cutters, 2-Pack, Red and Blue

Sandwich cutters, will not squish the sandwich contents out, or make a mess, in one simple action it will cut off the crusts (the kids tend to leave those anyways!) and create an interesting shape.  The butterfly sandwich cutter seems to be the favourite amongst kids.  Just think of this as a large cookie cutter.

Your kids will open their lunch bag, and think of you.  You could also consider adding a cute little lunchbox note to add some fun to the day from you.  Depending on the age of your kids, these little ideas can help them to eat their lunch and not bring it back home half eaten.

If the sandwich looks cute, then they are more likely to eat it.  This can make a boring tuna sandwich suddenly become fun.  They will open their lunch box or bag and see the butterfly shape and show it off to their friends.

Now you have some crusts for the birds!  If your kids are not a fan of crusts, and simply eat the middles or choose not to eat the sandwich at all, then using sandwich cutters could be the answer.

You can get these at most department stores but you can also get a good assortment online at such sites as Amazon. 

You simple lay the sandwich cutter on top of the completed sandwich and then press.  It does not take too much pressure and cuts very well.  They can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher ready for use again.

Just make sure you remember whose lunch you added a butterfly shaped sandwich to!  Your teenager or spouse may not get the same kick out of the sandwich shape as your younger ones do!  Opening the sandwich at the office could create some unwelcomes attention!