Buy 55 Gallon Drums to Ship Like the Pros

55 gallon drums are standardized shipping barrels that can safely and securely transport liquid and dry goods. These barrels have become an industry standard because of their reliability, ease of transport, and spatially efficient cylindrical shape. For example, standard 55 gallon drums can easily be fit 4 to a wooden pallet, making it easy for one person to move them around the warehouse floor or load them onto or off of a freight truck. Comapnies buy 55 gallon drums to carry and store everything from oil to industrial dry powders. Most of the time, 55 gallon drums are loaded with product or material that is shipped across great distances, broken down into small lots or products upon receipt at their destination, and then resold from there. In this way, one of the primary uses of these special shipping barrels is as wholesale product containers. Companies that transport a large amount of liquid or small dry goods need to buy 55 gallon drums so they will always have a sufficient stock on hand to make for smooth operations. Contrary to popular belief, these 55 gallon drums are not the crude oil standard you hear about in the news when price points and market fluctuations are being discussed. In fact, when you buy 55 gallon drums you get 13 gallons more capacity than a standard barrel of crude can hold.

Why Do So Many Companies Buy 55 Gallon Drums?

There are a number of specifications and design elements that make these special shipping barrels essential to smooth operations, which also explain why so many major companies buy 55 gallon drums. For one thing, these shipping barrels are intensively reinforced. They are first made by rolling hot steel into rings while it is still red-hot, in order to form their characteristic segmented bodies, which retain their shape better than barrels with only a top and bottom rings. Secondly, if you buy 55 gallon drums today you will notice that they feature reinforcing corrugations at four different places. The top and bottom of the barrel are reinforced with additional corrugations of metal or plastic. Additionally, when you buy 55 gallon drums, you can be confident that each of the end rings of the barrels feature nearby reinforcing corrugations as well. Couple these internal structures with the thick steel or industrial fiber they are made from and you have an extremely strong and resilient shipping barrel. It's easy to understand why companies that daily ship valuable product in tremendous volumes are so keen to buy 55 gallon drums and use them for safe transport. Companies can also buy 55 gallon drums that are more intended for dry storage. Dry storage contents can include industrial powders, grain like materials or beads of chemicals and other specialized materials used for a variety of purposes in manufacturing, agriculture or energy production.

What Are We Harkening Back to When We Buy 55 Gallon Drums?

Although the origins of these special shipping barrels might not be the first thing that occurs to the businesspeople and companies employing them day in and day out, it's interesting to discover what exactly we're harkening back to when we buy 55 gallon drums and use them for transporting fuel. The predecessors of today's standard 55 gallon drums originated in World War 2, when the technologies needed to make them, namely heavy duty welding and cold rolled steel, were predominant. The drums then had to be extremely durable and live up to the punishment and uncertainty of being transported within hazardous combat zones. They were often used for aviation fuel and truck and jeep fuel and so transported to, and stockpiled within, military camps and forward combat bases. It's odd to think that when we buy 55 gallon drums to ship products to other countries during peace time, that not so long ago the same barrels were articles of war that had to be fiercely guarded.