The summer months will be here soon and every home should be equipped with a good quality water slide. The following is a good example of the type of thing that will help make sure your family will have a great time in the holidays.Banzai Sidewinder Falls

The Banzai Sidewinder Falls is a huge inflatable water slide that is made up of different sections and compartments. Children will get hours of enjoyment playing on the different parts this slide.

The Banzai Falls water slide collection includes ldifferent inflatable slides that come in all shape and sizes. Other examples within the range include the Banzai Roaring Rapids as well as the very first one which was simply called the Banzai Original Falls water slide.

What Makes Up The Banzai Sidewinder Water Slide

Everyone loves the opportunity to be out splashing about in water when the sunshine arrives and this is one thing you can do using this slide. Children will love the opportunity to climb up the very high wall. If is over 10 feet high.

All the neccessary health and safety precautions has been taken in order to ensure that this inflatable slide is safe for children to use. It is of course, sensible not to leave children unattended while they are playing. 

The climbing frame is made with heavy duty materials that are easy to hold onto and makes it incredibly durable. There are also hand grips which a child can use to pull themselves up on the slide.

The Fun A Child Will Experience On This Inflatable Slide

The moment your child reaches the top of the water slide, he or she can walk to the side of the slide and push themselves over the edge where they will then travel down the winding slide. At the bottom there is a pool full of water that is ready to greet each user with a splash.

The other enjoyable element of this water slide is the internal tunnel that is built along one side of the structure. If a child enters from the side they are going to discover that the tunnel ends up at a smaller slide that also ends up in the pool of water.

This is definitely a great option for younger children who are not yet brave enough to scale the wall but who also want to join in with all the fun.

This water slide includes a motorized pump. This makes the task of blowing it up a breeze. It takes less than 5 minutes to inflate the whole structure from beginning to end. Once you have fastened your water hose you will be able to make sure there's adequate water flowing around the slide as well as in the splash pool.

If you are looking for ways to ensure that your children have a fantastic summer holiday then you really need to think about investing in a  Banzai Falls water slide.  Other great toys that children will enjoy playing with during the hot summer months include super soaker water guns and a swing set.