If you are looking for an excellent water slide for your kids to play with this summer season, then you may like to invest in the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park. This is something that is sure to keep your children busy and entertained all day long. Banzai Curve Water Park

This is an alternative inflatable water slide which is on offer from the Banzai Falls water slide range. Other slides from their range include the Banzai Sidewinder Falls, the Banzai Double Drop Falls and the Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure water slide.

The Banzai Wipeout Curve water slide features various levels so that your little ones are happily amused. They will be able to clamber up one side of this water toy and then slip down on the other side. There is a pretty great water pool at the bottom that is great for small infants to have fun in with absolute safety.

You'll find that there are a couple of entertaining colored arches which have been incorporated in the style and design of this inflatable water slide. One of the arches surrounds the slide for the children to slide through. The additional arch is at a lower stage and features water jets attached to it. After you connect your hose pipe the water will be able to squirt through and the kids will take pleasure in the splashes of water when they get through the archway down the slide.

The Description That Make Up The Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park

  • The measurements for this slide are 18' L x 11' W x 10.5' H
  • There is a combined user weight limit of 200lbs
  • It is constructed from an ultraviolet proof material
  • It's produced with a completely durable and also long lasting construction
  • It will require fewer than three minutes in order to inflate the whole framework

How To Prepare This Water Slide For Use

When you're ready to make use of this water slide you will just need to simply open it up to ensure that it sits flat on the ground of your backyard. Attach the water bags on the sides because they keep it stabilized on the ground. There's also some ground pins which you will need to put around the slide for even more balance. Link the motorized inflator, flip the switch and the whole thing will begin to inflate and take shape. This water slide will be done within a few minutes.

The final thing you need to do is to link your garden hose in order to populate the complete thing with water. The end result will be your very own water park in your own backyard.

The Banzai Wipeout Curve slide has got to be a superb thing to add to the summer time activities for your kids. If you intend to organize a garden party for friends and family then getting a Banzai water slide will work towards making it a complete success.