A black round pedestal table says drama no matter what style it is. They convey a sense of panache to the room whether they are combined with a natural top or designed from a solid piece of black plastic in a contemporary style. There is a black round pedestal table to coordinate with any decor, including traditional.

Shopping For a Black Round Pedestal Table

Black Round Pedestal Table

Shopping for a black round pedestal table is very easy. There may be a selection at the local furniture store, however to find the largest choices go online. There you will find a variety to choose from besides being able to comparison shop. Often a table will be available in more than one size, for instance a dramatic dining room table may have a coordinating accent table. The accent tables may even be used for end tables if they are not too tall. By sorting through and finding the desirable shape and size then using the name of that particular table to narrow the choices and find coordinating pieces as well. Being able to see the hundreds of choices available when shopping online is a huge bonus and much easier and faster than going through store catalogues.

Finishes Used to Create a Black Round Pedestal Table

A variety of finishes are used to create a black round pedestal table. One of the most costly will be a shiny lacquer finish. Lacquer is a process by which sixteen layers of paint are applied to create a superb look, although because it is time consuming it is more expensive. A piece that is finished with almost no shine will fit in well with very traditional furnishings recreating a look from the late 1800's. These pieces will have a mellow finish and straight simple lines. Black metal will generally be left with a flat finish rather than a shiny one while plastic can be designed to cover any degree of reflectivity. The finish on wood may be a solid black or may allow some of the wood grain to peek through.

Pedestal Shapes Used on a Black Round Pedestal Table

By and large the most commonly used pedestal shapes used on a black round pedestal table will the traditional furniture shapes found on other tables. They are a dramatic focal point usually based more on their color combined with the styling than relying on the style itself. A dining room black round pedestal table may feature a massive center column for support with a sophisticated style. An oak or pine round kitchen pedestal table takes on an entirely new look when just the base is painted black. It goes from cottage country to modern country. Black wrought iron will create a lovely look when used for the base of these tables, especially when combined with a wood top. Bases formed with plastic can be expressive of the designer's contemporary appeal. They may be cubist, impressionist or even traditionally shaped but will carry a style all their own. Retro looks are also popular when done in black, for example a black soda fountain set.

Tops Used on a Black Round Pedestal Table

The tops that are used with a wood black round pedestal table may be just a solid wood top, either left in a natural color or painted black to create a solid look. Dark gray glass or regular glass may be placed upon a black base of any material depending on the desired finished look. The top on a black metal base may be created of black marble or granite, wood that has been painted black or glass.

Prices for end tables will be far less than for a black round pedestal table that will be used for a dining room. A small one may be found for less than one hundred dollars and a large one will go into several thousand dollars. Various styles of wooden round black pedestal dining tables can be found beginning as low as 250 dollars online. They do not always include the chairs. The great selection of styles will provide enough latitude for anyone who is interested in purchasing a round pedestal table in black for any purpose to be able to find one.

A black round pedestal table may be created with a distressed finish as with some rustic and Mediterranean style furnishings, and may feature accents in metal. Most black dining tables will have a polyurethane finish if they are new. By caring for and maintaining the furnishings a black round pedestal table should last for many years.