Body Glove Wetsuit: The Story Behind The Suit

Have you ever borrowed $1800 from your Mom and made several millions from it? Well, Bill and Bob Meistrell did, back in the 50s, when that was a lot of money. What they did after that is the amazing part. They bought an old local sports store called the Dive N' Surf, and to help keep the business going, they custom-made wetsuits, the first of which was christened the Thermocline. The Meistrells thought the name stunk on ice so they hired Duke Boyd, a marketing consultant, who asked them to describe the product. Bill said: "They fit like a glove", and so the Body Glove wetsuit was born. Now that is one smart investment, right Mom?

Innovative Twins Create First

Body Glove Wetsuit

"Practical" Wetsuit

The Body Glove wetsuit is not just a piece of equipment that you buy and put on. Simply put, every wetsuit is a story - one that's been told a thousand times, the story of innovation. The brothers Meistrell were part of a group that became the world's first scuba instructors. And when they found a fantastic synthetic rubber called neoprene that would keep water and the cold out, they put their heads together and created what has come to be known as the first practical wetsuit in the world. Since then the company, as well as the retail end of it, grew by leaps and bounds, and Body Glove now is one of the premiere supporters in the world of watersports.

To Each Its Own

Though different models of the Body Glove wetsuit have a lot of similarities, the collection is a far cry from the one-size-fits-all category of watersports gear. Each sport, like surfing, diving, wake-boarding – they've all got their own range of wetsuits perfectly designed for the specific needs of each. Let's explore.

The Surfer's Surfeit

In the surf category, the feature-stuffed Body Glove Vapor short arm 2 mm wetsuit is the ideal choice for summer surfing. It gives you the benefit of full body protection plus the mobility advantage of a short-sleeved suit. It's made with Magna Flex and Vapor Stretch technologies that allow the suit to truly fit like a glove and repel water at the same time, keeping you warm and dry on the surf. The best part – it's got an elastic cord in the interior key pocket so you don't have to worry about where you put the keys to that Corvette that you parked under the beautiful California (or Miami or anyplacethatsgotgreatsurfin') sun. And at $150, it costs less that your board will, probably.

The Driver's Delight

For the diver, the Body Glove wetsuit comes as a 'fullsuit' or a 'spring suit' variant, and goes from .5 mm to 7 mm, to suit your body anywhere from Bali to the Baltic. The .5 mm suits are in the vicinity of $100 or so, and the most you'll pay for a 7 mm pro suit is about $400. Considering what you get in return for your money, you'll gladly pay more if they asked. But they won't.

The Wake-Boarder's Wow

For the wake-boarder, they've got a nice little range of flotation vests for under $90; at these prices, you'd expect minimalism to be the order of the day but again Body Glove surprises you with a host of little "inventions" they've tucked into the product: like their vapor stretch outer shells, or their innertec segmented inner lining. Every little innovation is thought out and carefully crafted to give you at least ten times your money's worth.

Investing in a Body Glove wetsuit is like buying a work of art. If you know users of the product, there's probably a million to one chance that you won't hear something good about it. If you don't, then you probably found that one in a million!