If you've always enjoyed going bowling and have gotten to the point that buying a bowling ball is something you've considered keep in mind that the price of a bowling ball is not that great. The fit that comes with owning a bowling ball which is drilled specifically for your hand cannot be matched using house balls and your scores will consistently get better when you can comfortably get used to one ball and one fit.

Depending on your level of bowling skill you may find the selection of bowling balls to choose from overwhelming. There are many balls branded to everything from Disney characters to football teams. There are also balls which are clear with shapes inside which can be seen. There are a multitude of bowling ball materials to choose from as well and to the novice bowler it ay not all mean that much.

Despite all of this you should take some time and learn about the different kinds of bowling balls and buy a bowling ball that suits you and your bowling style. For instance, if you throw your bowling ball dead straight (i.e. a straight ball) you shouldn't buy anything other than a plastic bowling ball or a polyester bowling ball. These are the cheapest of balls and have the greatest variety in appearance and are designed to go straight. Angela Martin does this, why not you.

If however you throw a hook you might be better off by spending a little more money and buy a reactive resin bowling ball or an aggressive urethane ball. These bowling balls are designed to cut through the oil and create friction allowing the bowling ball to hook more. You might also consider buying one of these balls if you want to learn how to hook a bowling ball. Learning how with a plastic ball may be a little disappointing to you.

Bowing balls come just like any other product these days in current models. All new bowling balls cost more than old balls and last years models can usually be found at a discount in stores and online. I suggest to new bowlers that you purchase last years top of the line bowling balls from one of these two places because you'll be saving some money on your beginner equipment. As you get better you will start to learn what your bowling style is a little more and be able to fine tune your bowling game with the newest bowling equipment around.

Buying a bowling ball can be a fun experience and it will make you want to go bowling more often and get better. If you stick to bowling balls which fit your style you should be doing good. Talk to a pro shop manager for questions specific to you and your game. He will help you buy a bowling ball that suits you if you are having trouble on your own. Most importantly however you should go out and have fun bowling.