Centerpiece mirror: Economical excellence

A well-chosen mirror can be a very 'enlightening' addition to any centerpiece, and can help you to create a "placid pond" effect with very little effort or expense. There are a number of ways in which you can use a centerpiece mirror to maximize the effect that your centerpiece has, and most of them involve the use of inexpensive materials rather than costly accessories: typically, candles, flowers, colored marbles and the like. With a little bit of good old creativity and a few dollars to hand, you can conjure up a veritable visual feast with your centerpiece that will attract more than a few "Oh how wonderful did you do that yourself? Come; let's explore what's in store for the handy hand and the arty eye.

A new dimension of interior decorating

Mirrors add a new dimension to any setting; when vertical they can add a sense of width and space. In the case of centerpiece mirrors, because they are placed flat on the table, they add a sense of depth. In essence, that's what gives them their appeal. If you're ever seen a picture postcard of a pristine lake reflecting a mountain or a sunset, you'll know how the perception of depth can positively impact the human mind. In a smaller way, these mirrors help you accomplish the same thing closer to home.

A few ideas to set the table on fire

Probably a good first step here would be to consider how much you're willing to spend versus how many centerpiece mirrors you require. If you're planning one for your rectangular dining table, you can either choose a single long rectangular mirror or several smaller ones of any shape you like. A good decorating idea would be to keep candles; this will not only look nice, it also will add to the brilliance of the setting. Keep the candles short so the reflections of the flames are visible – tea candles are perfect, and you can even keep floating candles to create a 'mock pond' with lit candles floating around. A vase full of flowers is a good idea as well, as are colored marbles or crystal 'ice' in a bowl. In fact, anything that looks good on its own will look twice as good on a centerpiece mirror. The rectangular mirror goes well with a rectangular table, and so on, but don't feel hemmed in by convention. If the final look appeals to you, then you've just summoned the interior designer within; go for it.

How much is the one with the…

As for pricing, nothing could be more pleasing that the tags on centerpiece mirrors. How about a beveled square mirror for $22.74 – how about a set of 6?! Or 6 plane mirrors for $13.74? How about…a beautiful round mirror with a base lined with rhinestones around it for $9? Or a heart mirror with scalloped edgework for $1.99?! Price is literally of no consequence when it comes to these beauties. Ok, so you want something unique that's got at least a two-digit price tag for a single piece? No problem. How about an 18-inch round mirror for $17, or a beveled octagonal mirror for $36? See, they really won't let you spend all that much on a centerpiece mirror because it has no frame, and that's where the cost usually comes in. Strange, if you think about it – something that protects something else is actually more expensive than the something else it protects!

Accessible accessories

As for where to source these mirrors, try, where they offer free shipping on any order over $49, or, where they guarantee delivery dates – perfect for those last minute orders so you won't have a nail-biting experience on the day of the wedding reception. There are literally dozens of places on the internet for great deals on centerpiece mirrors so if you have some time, browse around and shop for the best ones. Sites like will let you do comparison shopping, which is one of the best ever tools developed for web purchases. So good luck with your shopping, and I'll be waiting for that invitation to tea.