Small Pedestal Table

Prior to choosing a small pedestal table, consider where it will be used and for what purpose. These beautiful tables are available in many sizes and are constructed from a multitude of materials. Some feature spectacular painting and design and some are plain. A small pedestal table can fit many purposes and may be the perfect addition to the room.

Small Pedestal Table Style

The small pedestal table packs a lot of style into a small package. They are often used for coffee tables, end tables and Small Pedestal Tableaccent tables. Modern and traditional are two ends of the spectrum when choosing a style of table to fit the room's decor. The open base is a determining factor when choosing. The table top is the second factor to consider when purchasing a small pedestal table. They are available in glass, wood, metal, marble, tile, plastic as well as other materials. The edges may be curved, square or delicately fluted or even made of an iron support. The shape of the table top may be round, square, rectangular or oblong or possibly octagonal or a geometric shape. A simple plaster, marble or wood column supporting a plate of glass is one of several dramatic styles available.

Some small pedestal tables may be very ornate, resembling an antique cake plate. Or at the other extreme a flat screen TV stand is also listed as a small pedestal table. This is an excellent reason to be informed when shopping and hopefully be able to see pictures of what is being purchased prior to doing so. A very unique corner style small pedestal table will fit easily into a wasted corner or nook and provide an excellent place for a plant or piece of art as well as serving as a conversation starter. These are available both in square and triangular tops often with marble or glass. If shopping for a set of tables that includes coffee tables and end tables for instance it is often wise to purchase them all at one time as they may be discontinued later.

Choosing a Small Pedestal Table

The variations available in a small pedestal table are in the thousands. Choosing a style that suits the room and the use is the best place to begin when shopping .If the piece will have heavy use a stronger more supportive base is required. If the table will be holding for instance car keys and a nut dish it will not need to be as strong, although they all need to be sturdy. If plants or other wet items will be placed on the top a durable finish will be required. When young children are present a solid glass topped small pedestal table may not be the best choice.

Shopping for a Small Pedestal Table

Shopping for a small pedestal table will offer more local availability than tables of other sizes. The style range may be more limited locally than it is online; however local furniture stores will usually have books where customers can see samples of items that can be ordered. Discount stores will also often carry a minimal selection of inexpensive small pedestal tables.

Online shopping will provide the best selection of styles, choices and prices when purchasing a small pedestal table. Comparison shopping is far easier as well, simply type in the table and the manufacturer into the search engine and several choices will generally be shown. Choosing to have the item shipped directly to your home will save hauling up stairs and elevators, and is another bonus of online shopping.

Cost of a Small Pedestal Table

The cost of a small pedestal table will vary tremendously depending on what it is used for and the materials it is made from. A very inexpensive unfinished table created for a nightstand that will be covered with a table cloth may cost as little as 20 dollars, while an elaborate designer piece may reach into the thousands of dollars. For this reason shopping online will be a huge bonus. Finding the designer style and choosing a much less expensive but very similar item should be fairly easy. There are many very stylish tables available in a price range between one and two hundred dollars. At this price range a good quality table can be found with visual impact in many designs.

Being able to sift through the multitude of styles of small pedestal tables available will allow the shopper to choose one that will work absolutely perfectly in any room. The biggest drawback may well be choosing only one small pedestal table.