The White Mirror: Pure – Pristine – Perfect

Let's say you had stumbled upon a great find in the form of an ornately patterned mirror in an obscure antique store. You loved it at first sight, but in hindsight you felt that it was too gaudy to put in your home. Solution: paint it white. A white mirror can make any setting look ultra-modern even if the frame is obviously from another century. White mirrors can compliment almost any modern furniture, from contemporary sofas, to modern tables and lamps, and work well within most color schemes. Though it is said that black goes with everything, when it comes to decorating, white would definitely take that position of prominence.

Depending on what function you want your white mirror to serve, you may be interested in looking at a particular shape. Square mirrors, round mirrors, oval mirrors, and rectangular mirrors are the most common shapes available, though you may also want to look at more exotic shapes, ones with wavy edges or a strange number of sides. Everything from full-length mirrors to hand held or other small mirrors look great in white. Whatever it is you're looking for, you can most certainly find a white mirror to suit your purposes.

A dime a dozen – or thereabouts

Even if you didn't get lucky at the antique shop, white mirrors are sold everywhere. They're more popular today than ever before because today's consumer is always looking for ways to be unique, and a white mirror is definitely that, if nothing else. White has always been a color signifying brightness and innocence, and if that's what you want the interior of your home to convey, then you just can't do without a white mirror. They're not that expensive either. A simple white mirror shouldn't cost you more than $30 dollars or so for a decent size and frame. Of cource it will vary a bit depending on the type of mirror, small wall mirrors are less expensive than free-standing or full length mirrors, but you won't be breaking the bank with any choice you make. Remember: the mirror's frame is almost always the most expensive part, so if you can find a cheap frame, you can most certainly find a mirror to fit it at a reasonable price.

The world 'white' web

There are several internet resources to go to for the perfect white mirror. Sites like can give you a great choice of a wide array of white mirrors, not only in terms of brands and designs, but also sizes and prices. No matter what type of white mirror you're looking for, you should be able to source it here. Even if you have no desire to purchase a white mirror online, there is far too much market information for the savvy consumer to pass up.

Rectangular white mirrors: Length wise

A rectangular white mirror is perfect as a full-length option. Easily placed in your bedroom or bathroom as a dressing mirror, there are a couple of ways to use them, depending on what you aim to do. If you're looking for a standard look, hang it on the wall with the bottom at floor level; this will let the room look bigger in the bargain, while allowing you an accurate view of yourself. On the other hand, if you don't care to damage the wall, you can lean the mirror at a safe angle. That means the bottom needs to be far enough from the wall so it doesn't fall over, and close enough so it doesn't slide down. Make sure that you don't place it on a rug that might slide away slowly over a period of time. The right angle is somewhere between fifteen and twenty degrees to the wall. Not only will this arrangement be easy on your eyes and neck if you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, it will also enhance the space in terms of giving width and height to the room.

Be hip; be square

A square white mirror is easily the most versatile of all mirrors. The shape and the color both make for the perfect blend with any décor that you're planning. The best part is, you can rotate it to get a diamond shape that's very attractive. You might think a square mirror is rather plain, but prepare to be surprised - the simple act of rotating it can create a very attractive effect. Square mirrors can be used in every room, but where you really want them to get to work brightening up the space is your bathroom and your seating areas. White is usually not the best choice for the bedroom, as you want the colors to be subtle here, and conducive to low brain rpms. However, a dressing room off the bedroom can be as cheerful as you like, and the white square mirror could double as your vanity and a space enhancer.

Fairy-tale classics: White is right

Round and oval white mirrors are like Grimm classics – forever young. The color perfectly complements the shape, and vice versa. The soft contour of a curved surface matches the toned-down hue, both interlocking hands and quietly providing a touch of magnificence, extroversion and self-control all at once. Oval mirrors are perfect for bathrooms and as overmantles. However, with an overmantle mirror you want to make sure that it doesn't create too stark a contrast with possibly dark wooden or leather furniture. White leather and fabric with light colored curtains and carpets or rugs are a perfect setting for the white mirror.

A word on contrasting

Though most color schemes will easily accommodate a white mirror, you may want to be extra careful about that contrast thing. Anything of such great contrast has to be done really well to be able to pull it off. Other than that, it's a fairly safe bet to go with a white mirror.