Every young girl should get the prettiest bed when you realize that they are able to move on from sleeping in their baby crib to a bigger bed set. The Disney Princess Toddler Bed is a best solution when the time comes when you are working towards getting your infant into her very own special bed.Disney Princess Toddler Bed

The Disney Princess toddler bed consists of the wonderful princesses that each little girl recognizes. These princesses are Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Belle from Beauty and The Beast and of course the lovely Cinderella.

This lovely pink princess bed has been constructed so that it may take the recommended maximum weight of 50lbs. This really should be more than adequate to support the weight of any little girl as well as her stuffed plush toys and Barbies dolls. The actual bed itself is made of very durable but light-weight components. It has been created to ensure it doesn't sit too high up from the ground. This is really important as you want to make sure that your child is completely safe at all times.

The level for this bed has also been set low in order to ensure that your daughter always has comfortable access in and out of the bed so that they can get themselves into it without any help from anyone else. This is really a great way to enable them to assert their own independence as part of their daily bedtime schedule. Additionally this ensures that if your toddler has to get out of their bed for some reason like going to the bathroom, then she will definitely not cause herself any harm as her feet are able to seek out the ground without difficulty.

The Structure Of This Toddler Bed

This smart little bed is made up of a plastic and metal structure. Once totally erected the bed frame measures 32"L x 54"W x 29"H. This framework can hold a conventional sort of child's crib mattress so it will be easy to take the mattress you already possess from the unused crib. Alternatively you could splash out on a brand new one if you happen would prefer.

You will find that if you are creating a charming bedroom that is suitable for any toddler then a Disney Princess toddler bed has got to be the perfect addition to their room.

There are quite a few Princess related things that you could add to decorate your child's room. A Disney Princess toddler bedding set would work wonders with this bed frame.