Welcome To the world of Fancy Nancy. If you have enjoyed reading one of the many Fancy Nancy books with your child, you may be interested in Fancy Nancy and The Posh Puppy dollpurchasing one of the various dolls that have been created to accompany the books.

A different Fancy Nancy Doll has been created to compliment different story books and there is a nice array of dolls to choose from within the range.

Who Is Fancy Nancy?

She is a little girl who simply adores dressing up and looking fabulous whatever she is doing and wherever she is going. These books are aimed at children aged four years and older.

If you have decided that you would like to buy one of the dolls from the range, then here are a few examples of what is available to buy online today. This would definitely make a lovely gift idea and would be suitable for any occasion.

Fancy Nancy Cloth Doll

The books are written by talented writer Jane O'Connor and the illustrations are produced by Robin Preiss Glasser. The dolls have been created to resemble the images that appear in tFancy Nancy dollhe many books and this Fancy Nancy cloth doll is one such example.

The length of this figure is 18 inches and as you can see, she has fantastically flowing bright red tresses. To keep her hair in place, there are several accessories to be found which include adorable little bows and enchanting little butterflies. To finish the whole look, she has a cute and shiny little tiara set in the middle of her hair.

One thing that the character in the book is never without is a pair of sunglasses. This is exactly the same for this doll. She is wearing a pair of sassy pink glasses which definitely finishes the whole outfit with definite flare.

Fancy Nancy Explorer Doll

This is another example of a cloth doll that has been created in order to compliment one of the books from the Fancy Nancy book collection. The book that this toy is based on is called Fancy NancyFancy Nancy Explorer doll Series: Explorer Extraordinaire.

She is dressed ready for a very interesting and exciting adventure. As you will see, this doll also has bright red hair, which is lovely and curly. Again, there are many hair accessories to be found. This time we see that she is wearing some cute little flowers as well as a head band that features two bright red lady bugs sitting atop little antennas.

Her outfit is a combination of khaki and purple. She is wearing a jacket that has four big pockets on the front. Two at the bottom and two at the top. The jacket also features a belt with a huge buckle. Underneath the jacket she is wearing a purple pair of pants and top which is completed with a fancy frilly ruffle that is cute and very girly.

More About Fancy Nancy

There is a whole series of books to choose from within the range. You will find reading books, sticker books, pop up books as well as easy readers for those children who are really developing their reading level skills.

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