If you are like most people then you probably wouldn’t turn down extra closet space if it were offered to you.  Most closets aside from the extra large walk-in closets hold a lot of stuff but it never seems to hold enough stuff.  Most people would probably really like to have just a bit more space to store large coats, long dresses, out of season clothing, or simply to store random household items which aren’t used very often. 

One of the simplest ways to deal with closet storage issues is to go out a buy a back yard shed or rent out a storage space at a local self-storage facility.  Both of these are valid ways to deal with storage needs but one “under-the-radar” way to deal with a lack of closet storage is to buy a portable clothes rack on wheels with a dedicated fabric or canvas cover.

The Free Standing Closet - A Closet Storage Solution

Free Standing Clothes Closet On WheelsOrganize It makes a high quality free standing closet on wheels.  If you haven’t ever seen one of these units in person just imagine a wooden clothes wardrobe with an inner drawer and shelf system and then imagine it made of a steel frame with a fabric shell instead of wood.  These units are much like the traditional free standing wardrobes made of wood but they are much more portable and they cost much less.

You can usually get a good portable wardrobe on wheels or off wheels for around fifty dollars if you do your shopping online or in traditional stores during sales.  Some large home goods stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penny’s or some other may even have these items in stock.  This may make it easier to see what type of quality they are made with but your choices will likely be limited.

Online retailers like Amazon usually sell the same items for similar or better prices than traditional retailers and they have far more variety.  You can also see what kinds of ratings these types of units have from past customers.  The Rubbermaid free standing closets always are popular sellers and they sport very good reviews too. 

Whitmor Rolling Garment RackIf cost is really a concern you can always opt for the simpler and cheaper commercial rolling coat racks which are very similar to the free standing closets.  The biggest difference however is that the commercial garment rack systems are not covered.  They are simply a rolling garment rack frame which is open.  For many people this is fine for clothing which is currently being used.  These could be useful in spare rooms that do not have a true closet.  For others however this is unacceptable because many items stored for long periods of time need to be covered to keep from getting dirty.

You can buy a free standing closet on wheels either to help with overflow clothing storage or to store away clothing which is out of season.  But no matter what you buy a free standing closet for you should know that you will pay for aesthetics.  Many of the options available look great for a cost.  They really aren’t any better made than the cheaper options, they just simply look better.  So if you don’t mind how your free standing portable wardrobe looks you can usually bet that you’ll find a good option cheaper which holds up just as good as the more expensive garment racks on the market.