A free standing wardrobe closet is perfect for people who have a need for extra storage space in the home.  These portable closets are affordable, durable, and they hold a lot of clothing in a very organized way making for out of season storage both safe for your clothes and efficient for you.

For the most part your free standing portable wardrobe’s come in a couple different types.  There are the full wardrobe style portable closets where the collapsible closet comes with both storage areas for hanging clothes as well as dedicated areas for clothes that needs to be folded.  Many free standing closets have built in storage drawers and shelves and function much like a real wardrobe.

Whitmor Chrome Garment Rack On WheelsAlternatively some simpler and cheaper free standing wardrobe systems are more like rolling coat racks or garment racks.  These simpler systems are designed first as steel garment rack frames which are predominantly used for hanging clothing and then they are covered with a sturdy canvas cover which encloses the clothes in storage and keeps them safe from collecting dust and whatnot.

Of course these free standing wardrobe garment racks do not just have to be used for out of season storage, due to their portability some people bring them on vacations, camping trips, and store them in guest bedrooms for out of town guests use.  In between uses they can be broken down to reserve space making them quite versatile.

Whitmor Canvas Garment Rack CoverThey can also be used in the laundry room for garments that need to hang dry or for clothing that needs to be hung as it waits to be washed.  Laundry room garment racks can be quite handy if you have the room and buying one of these nicer wardrobes may make sense if you find one that meets all of your needs.  Laundry room clothes racks typically do better when they are designed with rolling wheels attached and when they are more devoted to hanging clothes.

Best Portable Free Standing Wardrobe Closets

Once you know what type of free standing garment rack wardrobe you need you then need to find the right one to fulfill those needs.  Many companies like Rubbermaid, Organize It All, Whitmore, and many others have good options available for you to choose from.  Some of the more popular items are listed below.

Portable Wardrobe Storage SolutionRubbermaid, most well known for their line of food storage products also has a number of really good clothing storage portable clothes racks and wardrobes.  They have their blue wardrobe storage closets and they also have this excellent free standing wardrobe with canvas cover which is designed less like a closet with drawers and more like a garment rack with protective cover.  It’s sold on Amazon for a very affordable price and it has plenty of positive reviews.

Portable Wardrobe Closet WhiteOne of the best simple covered garment rack free standing wardrobes is The Whitmor Polypro Clothes Closet which is like the Rubbermaid in that it holds only hanging clothes but it also has a sturdy base frame for lower shelf storage.  If you have long hanging clothes this may not be usable but for shorter hanging clothes this offers a very handy extra space for storage of heavier items that require shelf storing.  The free-standing Whitmor clothes rack wardrobe is also a bit different in styling.  It is back and easier to blend into a spare bedroom or basement in that it doesn’t stick out visually.  This clothing rack is ideal for long-term storage of infrequently used garments, coats, and dresses.

Blue Portable Wardrobe Armoire - Organize It AllThe Blue Storage Armoire by Organize It All is arguably one of the best free standing portable closets on the market.  It is a best seller and has some of the best reviews of them all.  Not only is it a covered portable garment rack it also has an attached drawer and shelf system which makes for the storage of folded clothes and small accessories possible and easy.  The canvas cover is vented for breathability and it has clear plastic peep holes so that you can easily see what is inside at a glance.  This is perfect for out of season storage and for clothing such as dresses and coats which will only be used on occasion.

Portable Wardrobe Closet Storage Rack Prices

One thing to keep in mind about buying any of these portable closet solutions is that they are not furniture.  Even the best quality storage racks are just that, they are garment racks with fancy covers and as such they should be priced like that.  If you want to spend your money on a beautiful wooden wardrobe armoire for your extra storage needs then make sure to buy good quality furniture and don’t be afraid to spend hundreds of dollars but for fancy enclosed garment racks you shouldn’t spend very much.

The bestselling items listed above and many other unlisted bestselling options from Amazon are all reviewed by customers.  Most of them are being sold at very reasonable prices at well less than a hundred dollars each.  If you like to do your shopping in stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls, or any other department store you need to make sure you don’t overspend.  Just because the price is a little higher doesn’t mean it is better than another cheaper option.