Glass pedestal tables can be fun, sophisticated or someplace in between. Created with a single piece of glass placed upon a pedestal support they will inspire conversation. The bases are what makes a glass pedestal table unique and are usually created from wood or metal. The thickness of the glass will vary according to the size of the table and generally the top will be of tempered glass to resist breaking.

Types of Glass Pedestal Tables

Glass Pedestal TableAn elegant formal dining room glass pedestal table creates a luxurious setting appeal in the room when placed upon a stunning rug. The glass allows the eye to enjoy the exquisite base it rests upon. Generally the base on a pedestal table will have been created with extra care, creating a wondrous work of art in itself. They are often carved wood, resembling columns or a motif. The base or bases depending upon the size of the table may be simple and sleek or abundantly decorated, giving the piece a unique style. These tables will have been created with a single thick slab of glass.

A glass dining pedestal table for a less formal room may be created either metals or wood or a combination thereof. These tables may also have one or two pedestal supports, although they may have a glass top that is intermingled with glass, wood and metal, or supported around the edges by those. The style of the pedestal is always very important with a glass top as it will be highly visible.

Glass pedestal accent tables are available in hundreds of styles. One example would be a formation of wrought iron that gracefully curves outwards for support yet is held together to form a single pedestal. Plant stands are often created in this style and are durable and beautiful. A base carved from a single piece of wood that can be either stained or painted is another prime example of a beautiful accent table.

Choosing a glass pedestal table for either a side table or coffee table allows the shopper to again choose from many styles. A very contemporary model may have three or four layers of metal combined to form a single support column, while a more traditional metal pedestal may be created with twisting pieces of wrought iron, all visible through the beautiful glass top.

An entryway glass top table may be created by combining two Grecian style columns under a piece of beveled edge glass. This style of glass pedestal table may also be used behind a couch or as a side table.

Shopping for Glass Pedestal Tables

Shopping for glass pedestal tables will provide an almost endless supply of choices. The tables are available in all the above mentioned styles plus numerous more, too many to mention. Choosing sizes and style that coordinates with the look and feel of the room in which they will be placed will be mainly composed of looking through and deciding on one favorite. There is a plethora of choices available both locally and online. Limiting the search engine by placing a descriptive type of glass pedestal table into the search engine will help narrow it down.

The pricing will vary from approximately 50 dollars for a glass pedestal plant stand table to several thousand for an elegant dining room table. The quality of the materials used as well as the finishes applied will determine the price as does the reputation of the manufacturer. There are beautiful glass pedestal tables available to meet almost every budget.

Caring for a Glass Pedestal Table

Caring for a glass pedestal table is fairly simple and should be done according to the manufacturer's instructions. Generally they may be washed with warm soapy water and polished with a good quality glass cleaner. The underside of the glass will usually only require occasional cleaning with glass cleaner. The bases will require different care depending on what materials they have been created from and should be mentioned in the manufacturer's instructions.

Avoiding any hard strikes to the surface and particularly the edges of a glass pedestal table will greatly enhance the life of the piece. Extremely hot or cold items should not be placed directly on the surface of a glass pedestal table. Items that may scratch the surface should be placed upon a trivet, placemat or hot pad rather than directly onto the table top. With reasonable care attention and care a glass pedestal table should last for several years while providing a beautiful setting in the home.