A glass top dining room table is sure to spark conversation. These lovely tables convey style. With styling ranging from contemporary, modern, to traditional a glass top table adds sparkle to any room it graces. Choosing just one may well be the largest problem encountered when shopping online for a glass top dining room table.

What Supports A Glass Top Dining Room Table?

Glass Top Dining Room TableThe support of a glass top dining room tab is generally in the form of one or two pedestals. Some may be created and supported with four legs and a frame; however these are not as common. The pedestals are created from a variety of materials. Generally they have been designed to be dramatic and works of art.

Two separate pedestals are often used to support the thick tempered glass top dining room tables. Designs and style are added through the use of the pedestals. Large cubist style columns sleekly formed from metal convey a modern style. Corinthian columns may be used for support. Some of the very beautiful carved pedestals are carved wood or cast in metal. They are often very elaborately decorated, with designs of leaves or in older style tables, with cherubs. The artists eye is limited only by their talent when designing the support system for these elegant tables.

Concerns About Glass Top Dining Room Tables

The concerns of glass top dining room tables are mostly caring for the glass and ensuring it doesn't break. Generally the tops are made from tempered glass which is stronger and far superior to ordinary glass. The thickness of glass helps to keep it from breaking easily as well.

Keeping the surface sparkling clean is not difficult by the use of regular cleaning and polishing with a good quality window cleaner. Often the furniture store will recommend a particular product they consider the best when a customer purchases a glass top table. By using trivets and placemats to reduce the scratches a glass top dining room table will look new for years.

Items such as food bowls that are extremely hot or cold should not be placed directly upon the surface. While the glass used in these tables is almost always tempered it is still glass and reasonable care should be used with it. Tempering reduces the fragility of the glass and makes it more resilient to the accidental dropping of an item; however it will be reduced in time. Some beautiful examples can be found at onewayfurniture.com and crateandbarrel.com.

Beauty and Function of a Glass Top Dining Room Table

The beauty and function of a glass top dining room table is unsurpassed. They are one of the most elegant of all tables. The brilliance of lights dancing and reflecting from the sparkling clean surface bedazzles everyone in the room. They may be left bare, or decorated with a spectacular centerpiece or table runner. The table itself is a piece of art. Anything displayed upon it will be the visual focus point of the room. The columns or pedestals used to support the table are immediately visible and showcased by the glass surface.

Beautifully designed and covered chairs are often featured with these tables. Armless chairs in a simple fabric design are often used to enhance a modern glass top dining room table's sleek styling. Casual styles are available as well and may include conventional chairs or chairs on rollers. Matching or coordinating glass front china cabinets, hutches and buffets are often available as with most dining room furniture sets.

Glass top dining room tables may be round, oval, or rectangular. Many round tables can be found at furnitureontheweb.com. They may also be combined with wood to create a table that may be extended. Some beautiful examples of the combination can be found at diningtables.com. Most fine furniture stores offer glass top dining room tables and there are literally thousands of them available online. The style and dimensions of the room where they will be placed dictates the style, shape and size of the table you will be shopping for.

By shopping online the discriminating buyer will have an opportunity to find absolutely any style of table they desire. The pricing varies from as low as 300 dollars all the way up to several thousand dollars for one of a kind glass top dining room tables that are considered works of art. Custom tables may be created as well, either for order through a company or by the purchaser. By choosing pedestals and purchasing a piece of glass and chairs separately either online or locally the homeowner can sometimes duplicate a look they like at a less expensive price, although there will be more work involved. After determining a size and style it is easy to begin shopping online for a glass top dining room table.