18th Birthday Present Ideas

It is tough trying to select the ideal birthday present for someone, and it can be even more difficult when it is a loved one or close friend. To assist you pick a great birthday present use some of these ideas:

1. Be cautious with how much you spend, spending too modestly suggests you don't care, spend too much and the person might feel upset that you earn more than them or that they will not be able to give you a present in return that is of the same value. A good range for how much to spend on a gift is $25 - $100.

2. Express that you have put some thought into the birthday present you choose. Keep in mind it's the thought that counts. Stay away from things like gift certificates because they show very little thought was put into it. As an alternative to a gift certificate from a music store or book store you should really choose something from one of these stores that you think they will like, like their preferred bands new album, a DVD you know they will like or a book you think they will like. DVD's make excellent 18th Birthday Presents!

3. Make an attempt and select a birthday gift that the person needs but that they would not buy for themselves. An excellent example of this is a coffee machine, almost everyone drinks coffee but few of them have a coffee machine and choose to just buy their coffee or make it at home with instant coffee or a brewing pot. Normally these people do not believe they have need of a coffee machine but once they get one and start using it they really enjoy it!

Also you can try to look for birthday gifts at specialty gift stores, surprisingly most people do not think to look in gift stores for birthday present ideas, especially for 18th birthday present ideas. These stores can be a great source of gifts that would be suitable for an 18 year old, you will find lots of great gifts in there that you would never think of on your own!

With these birthday gift ideas you will be able to buy an exceptional birthday present for someone with no trouble at all, just follow our three tips and take the stress out of choosing a great present for someone! I hope you have success in searching for a great birthday present idea for that special someone.